Week 37 – #13. Hearts

The beach is the most romantic place to share your heart; therefore, I am sharing our hearts with you. I selected a heart bokeh filter and a vintage grunge filter when processing this photo.

Week 36 – #20. I Wish I Could/I’m Sorry I Did

While in NYC last December, there was one photo I had in mind involving light painting that I did not want to leave without taking. Let me preface this by saying little did I know that the temperature would be low 20′s in the City, not to mention what it would be down by the waterfront with the freezing wind blowing off of the water…in the teens! Did that stop me? No. Off I went with fellow photographer, Mindy Towns, to capture my photo. Honestly, I’m sorry I did and I wish I could have waited until Springtime when the weather would be more pleasant. With my teeth chattering, blurry eyes as a result of tears running down my cheeks, toes frozen, flashlight ready and fingers so numb I could not feel the shutter release button, I pressed it quickly only once without looking through my viewfinder. Grabbing our equipment, we ran as fast as possible in our frozen state up to the street corner to hail a cab to take us back to the City and our warm apartment. Those of you who know us can visualize this scene, can’t you? Imagine my disappointment when I transferred my photos to my computer for viewing! In my near death state from being almost frozen, I was much too quick and left off part of what I wanted to photograph…part of the “U” and all of the “L.” When we return later this year, I will go back and re-take my photo…much better this time and more than one frame! Lesson learned!

Week 35 – #45. That’s So Funny

Definition of Forced Perspective: Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

While on a recent photo field trip, Patricia, Mindy and I, along with a male partner in crime, Bob, elected to use a bottle of Ketchup and a rug as props in order to pull off some funny photos. The four of us came up with some very funny ways in order to satisfy the forced perspective theme, almost always with Bob as the center of attention (poor Bob!), but when going through all of the photos taken that day, I think these two are the ones that will make you say, “That’s so funny!”

Week 34 – #47. The S Curve

The developers for the community in which I live did not come in with bulldozers and strip the land of its natural vegetation. That, and the beautiful golf course with its golf cart paths forming many S curves, is one of the reasons we decided to purchase our home here.
pATH DSC_0110_1_2_3_4_5_6_tonemapped

Week 33 – #38. Ready For A Book Cover

Love is a many splendored thing and when I saw this couple arm in arm watching a beautiful sunset, it brought the song to life. It also gave me an idea of how to come up with a photo ready for a book cover.
Love on Sunset Beach

Week 32 – #40. Shot In HDR

Trinity Church, at 79 Broadway in lower Manhattan, is a historic, active, well-endowed parish church in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Trinity Church is near the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway, in New York City. Located across from the World Trade Center, the parish of Trinity Church has quite a history, which can be read here. In 2001 when the twin towers were attacked, it was a place of refuge from the smoke and falling debris of the first tower. This photo was shot in HDR to bring out the details. DSC_6772L

Week 31 – #6. By Candle Light

Praying by candle light in St. Patrick’s in New York City.

By Candle Light DSC_7268


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