Week 21 – #15. Graveyard

Established in 1880 and located in the historic St. Elmo neighborhood nestled at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Forest Hills Cemetery is the resting place of many important people and a landmark of great beauty and history to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Each year in October, it has a program wherein the gravesites of a select number of Chattanooga’s forefathers are included in a cemetery stroll. During the stroll, a person belonging to the Forest Hills Historical Society is dressed in period attire, seated at a gravesite and tells the history of the person and his/her importance to Chattanooga. The narrator either portrays the deceased, his/her spouse or descendant. The stroll is not only interesting and gives an insight into the person’s personal and business life but is held on a day during the fall season when the tree leaves are beginning to change colors. This was my first time to take the stroll, but it will not be my last.

Forest Hills is where I have chosen to be interred, not because I think I am important but because my ancestors are interred there and if a cemetery can be beautiful, this one certainly is. It is a sanctuary of magnificent botanical beauty. Vibrant spruce trees, wildflowers, dogwoods, azaleas, and fruit trees flourish there. Cuttings from the rare species in the graveyard are used for transplanting in other parts of the country. In the spring, many people enjoy an afternoon drive through the cemetery to see its astounding flora. Forest Hills is a place of beauty, history, and great importance to the community.
15. graveyard

Week 20 – #22. It’s A Mystery

There is something mystical, almost spooky, about foggy days along the riverfront. I love bridges, especially those with so much history like those which cross the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga. While there, I enjoy joining others who walk, run and bike across them. Early one foggy morning, I grabbed my camera and headed to the bridges in hopes of capturing a few mystical, foggy photos. There was nobody on the Market Street Bridge except me surrounded by thick fog and the sounds of boat horns – an eerie feeling. But wait! Who is that? She was not there when I took the photo yet when I processed it, she is there. Who is she? Why is she in my photo? Where is she going? If I were Stephen King writing a mystery novel, I would know the answers but at the moment, “It’s A Mystery.”

Week 19. – #42. Skyline Panorama

One of the pleasures I get from being a realtor is I get to see so many beautiful houses and condos. This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of showing my customer several condos in downtown Sarasota and I could not help but snap a quick shot of the skyline panorama of beautiful Sarasota from the terrace of Sarabande. My mind ran wild thinking how I would feel waking up every morning greeted by this view.

Week 18 – #29. On Two Wheels

My father passed away at a young age on Christmas day in 1967 and I can only remember him working at one place, Hatfield and Keefe Furniture Store, a 4-story building at 55 East Main Street in Chattanooga, TN. Not too many years ago, the building was renovated and now houses a restaurant on the main level and loft apartments above. In the renovation process, the old freight elevator was removed and its parts were cleverly welded together and made into a fence surrounding the loft owners’ parking lot. As I walked down the sidewalk and saw the wheels and pullies, I couldn’t help but remember as a child riding from floor to floor on that freight elevator carried partly on two wheels.
29. On Two Wheels

Week 17 – #28. Natural Beauty

Always whenever I travel up Lookout Mountain, I admire the “Natural Beauty” of the 100-foot waterfall at Rock City. I always wanted to stop and photograph it but never did until this beautiul fall morning in early November when I noticed how especially pretty it looked framed by the fall colors.

Week 16. – #43. Solitary

The fall season is my favorite time of the year and when I thoroughly enjoy long drives and walks in the woods in and around my hometown of Chattanooga. This is when I can leave my cares behind, explore meadows and admire the majesty of old-growth trees, moss and the sound of a waterfall or stand on top of a mountain looking through mist and fog. These are magical times for me. As I drove over the mountain on this day, I determined winter was fast approaching as indicated by this solitary fallen red leaf.
43. Solitary

Week 15 – #35. Rocky Waterscapes

I had a tough time deciding whether this photo fit the theme “Rocky Waterscapes,” but after several reviews of the photo, I decided it did for four reasons. (1) There is water; (2) there are definitely rocks/riprap along the Tennessee River shoreline; (3) the piers which support the Walnut Street Bridge are stones from the old Stone Fort Land Company; and (4) heck, I was on vacation but got up before sunrise this particular morning so I could take this photo of the heavy fog!


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