A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


51. A Bag Full

While at the Farmer’s Market, I passed by the bus stop and couldn’t help but notice this lady sitting on a bench deep in thought with a bag full of vegetables at her side. I quickly took her photo and then sat down beside her and spent a few minutes chatting. I told her I had taken her photo and asked if she objected. She said, “No,” so I gladly offered to send her copies of the photo, which I did. Farmer’s Markets are great places to stroll around in because you can meet some very interesting people and they are wonderful venues for photo opportunities.



47. A Pair Of …

It was really an eerie feeling the evening Mike and I were walking along the beach and saw this pair of walking shoes.  Eerie, I say, because we were the only ones in sight yet here was this pair of shoes.



17. In A Row

As we were driving to dinner one evening, I could not believe my eyes when I spotted these birds perched all in a row on these wires.  I wish I could’ve gotten all of them in the photo but I did not have my wide angle lens on the camera.  Ironically enough, a few evenings later we decided to go to the same restaurant and there they were again on the same wires.  Strangely enough, both evenings they all decided to leave at the same time.  It was really unusual.  It made me wonder why this happened and which bird made the reservation!


30. You Say Black, I Say _______

When I think of black, I think of a black lab so for this photo I went out searching for just the right one. I found her at a doggie training camp. She was perfect in every way and I wanted her badly; however, her owners did too but she needed a little extra help learning how to obey and concentrate so they enrolled her in doggie training camp for a few weeks. She flashed those big brown eyes up at me as if to say: “Hello. My name is Lucy and my Mom and Dad love me a whole lot but they think because I chew things that should not be chewed and don’t come when they call me, that I need to learn obedience. I am still a little girl and my main focus at the moment is to see how fast I can run after that yellow tennis ball. I’m really cute, don’t you think?” All of this she seemed to say as she backed around and sat down in my lap…and on my camera! I love Lucy!

NOTE: I am a week behind in posting so this post will make my 6th post and I will be caught up.


9. Highways and Byways

When thinking about highways and byways, my thoughts immediately went to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which is part of I-275 (US 93) and US 19 (SR 55).  It is one of the most beautiful bridges I have ever seen; however, for some strange reason I do not enjoy driving across it.  On this day, I did something I have wanted to do for years, i.e. stop and photograph it.  If you’re interested in its history, you may click here.