A 52-Week Photo Journey

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31. Trash Or Treasure (Week 44)

While driving along US 64 one day, I saw something I have never seen before so I pulled over to the side of the road for a photo opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen cars for sale in parking lots, driveways, and other places but never have I seen one in the middle of a fenced field surrounded by horses. What do you think it is: trash or treasure?



36. Light (Week 43)

One of my favorite places to go is Mar Vista Restaurant on the North end of Longboat Key. I find it so peaceful sitting underneath the twisted tree limbs strung with lights and feeling the gentle breeze from the Bay.


A3. Leading Lines (Week 42)

On a recent field trip to Beer Can Island, amidst all the fallen trees and driftwood, it was difficult to select just one thing to photograph. I walked the beach, over and around the fallen trees until I found two tree trunks which provided leading lines out to the Gulf of Mexico. It seemed like the perfect subject matter for this week’s theme, “Leading Lines.”
DSC_0520 Cropped

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15. Decay (Week 41)

When I am at my home in Chattanooga, I always visit my parents’ gravesites located in a small historic area known as St. Elmo, Tennessee. St. Elmo was established in the 1800’s and incorporated into the city of Chattanooga in 1905, according to records. It was in 1907 that this railroad trestle was built and I pass underneath it as I enter into St. Elmo. Although it is in use today, it is in a state of decay and is in dire need of repair.
DecayDSC_5736_37_38_39_40_tonemapped stroked