A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 5 – #51 Way Down Low

If my neighbors were looking out their windows, they must have thought that I was somewhat “off balance.” Following a drizzling rain, I noticed these mushrooms growing in my yard, not at all unusual for this time of year with frequent rain. In an effort to photograph them before the lawn maintenance crew came to cut the grass, I grabbed my camera, laid down a beach towel and got way down low to shoot a few frames.
Way Down Low DSC_3295



Week 4 – #42. Standing Out From The Crowd

This post could fit a number of themes but since this automobile definitely stands out from the crowd, I have elected to attach it to that theme. This 1932 Rolls Royce is owned by my neighbor and one day last week he was washing it in his driveway when I decided to walk over and take a look, as I had never seen it before. He keeps it downtown in an air conditioned garage. It is a right-hand drive, in pristine condition and with the most beautiful interior roof I have ever seen in a car, i.e. wooden slats. I asked him to start it for me and, shhhh … it purrs like a kitten.
Standing Out From The Crowd


Week 3 – #25. Juxtaposition

The theme juxtaposition troubled me so I set out to master it quickly rather than waiting until the last few weeks. Several bloggers have said the things they like most about our 52-Week Photo Challenge are it not only forces them to have their cameras with them at all times but makes them more aware of their surroundings, and I cannot agree more. On this particular day, I decided to divert my travel from the main road to a section of town that I had never visited. That is the day lady luck was with me. Juxtaposition was staring me right in the face!


Week 2 – #2 A Song Title

In the 1970’s, I lived in Macon, Georgia and had the pleasure of knowing Phil Walden, owner of Capricorn Records. Capricorn was the recording label for many Southern rock and soul bands in the 1970’s including Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers Band, Al Green, The Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie, Kitty Wells and many others. In essence, Phil’s Capricorn Records put Macon, Georgia on the map. Those were happy days, my memories run deep, and still today when I hear “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay,” by Otis Redding, a huge smile crosses my face and I think about good times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd3rA89VhtA
Sittin On Bay


Week 1 – #37 Rainy Day

I have been extremely busy with my real estate business so haven’t had an opportunity to begin scouting for things to fit any of the new themes. I promised myself that I would set aside this afternoon for photography. But as Robert Burns said in the poem, “To A Mouse,” “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” I have, therefore, used this rainy day photograph for my first post.
37. Rainy Day DSC_2449