A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 26 – #35. Photojournalism

Traffic congestion was at an all time high yesterday on Interstate 75 at University Parkway.  Three large holes 3′ in diameter in the southbound lane were caused when a large pile driver cushion fell from a truck and landed on the overpass.  Both University Parkway and Interstate I-75 were closed; however, southbound traffic was ultimately reopened after only a few hours leaving University Parkway closed until early this morning.  This accident gave me the perfect opportunity to fulfill my Photojournalism theme so I went to the site early this morning to capture a couple of photos.

DSC_8962 I-75



Week 25 – #3. An Expression Of Love

I am not a huge fan of tattooes but that is not to say that people should not have them. As I was sitting on a bus in New York, I looked out the window just as a large truck pulled up alongside. I couldn’t help but notice the huge tattoo stretching from the driver’s wrist to his elbow.  I saw two female names, Jennifer and Angeline, and thought he must’ve had the artist place them there as an expression of love to his wife and their daughter.  (Click photo to enlarge.)
An Expression of Love DSC_4273


Week 23 – #34 Passage Ways

Late one evening while traveling through the Lincoln Tunnel, I grabbed my camera to photograph this popular passageway connecting midtown Manhattan, New York and Weehawken, New Jersey.  Named after President Abraham Linoln, construction began on the first tube in March 1934.   It opened to traffic on December 22, 1937, charging $0.50 per passenger car.  Today, the cost per car is $13.00.  The cost of construction was $85,000,000.



Week 22 – #47. The Color Pink

I love the element of surprise.  As my friend, Mindy, and I were walking through Central Park during  a snowfall, we spotted two beautiful young ladies taking photos.  Their brightly colored pink umbrella provided a wonderful pop of color so we stopped and asked permission to photograph them.  This photo was taken in color; however, I elected to desaturate it and use selective coloring to draw 100% attention to the vivid colors.

BW DSC_7394