A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 43 – #36. Pretty Baby

Hello, my name is Sissy and I was nameless, homeless and hungry until a few weeks ago when my life changed drastically. There is love in this world and I found it when I walked upon a stranger’s back porch one chilly evening in April high upon Signal Mountain in Tennessee. Although the homeowner did not know that I was pregnant, she took me in with open arms, gave me a name, food, water, milk and a warm bed in which to sleep. Just a few days later, I blessed her life with a gift of two pretty babies and she rewarded me with a special place on her screened back porch where I could take care of my babies and be safe from predators.
Pretty Babies DSC_0666



Week 42 – #17. Holy Smoke!

There are two things Tennesseans hold in high regard, i.e. religion and bar-b-cue, and in that order. Therefore, since the two are thought of in the same light, it would seem to me that the smoke rising from the bar-b-cue could be thought of as “Holy Smoke.”
Holy Smoke DSC_0586


Week 41 – #23. It Floats

Battery Park City is a place I enjoy visiting while in lower Manhattan. It’s a calm place with beautiful views and perfect for watching the sun slowly slip below the horizon. With Ellis Island and the Statute of Liberty visible in the distance, I often think of the immigrant and what he/she was thinking and feeling aboard their ship as it floats closer and closer to their new lives in the land of opportunity. Daily ferry boats carry people, many of whom are descendants of those immigrants, to and from their work in the City.
It Floats DSC_6822


Week 40 – #49. Ugly

The Martians are coming…The Martians are coming! You may think this photo has been manipulated in Photoshop, but I can assure you that it has not. This ugly monstrosity is known as the Space House or Flying Saucer House. When it was built in 1970, the builder envisioned building similar houses around the nation, but the cost became prohibitive. So the prototype mothership became a one-of-a-kind Chattanooga structure. Isn’t Chattanooga fortunate??? Some find the structure interesting but I see it as an ugly eyesore and wish that one day Scotty would beam it up.
Ugly DSC_0495