A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 5 – #2. Below The Knees

This week I chose to post a photograph I took at the Sarasota Opera House during the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School’s “On Stage” performance. What transpires below the knees is but one part of a fully integrated and graceful ballet movement. The level of talent and artistry of the students who participated in the school’s recently concluded summer intensive workshop was beyond extraordinary. For the first time in 60 years, students from the Cuban National Ballet School were allowed to dance in the United States. This is the first of what is hoped will be an annual exchange between the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School and the Cuban National Ballet School and a more harmonious relationship with Cuba.



Week 4 – #19. Horses and Humans

When I go to the drum circle on Siesta Key Public Beach, I am prepared for many sights. I have seen many different forms of drummers, dancers with varying costumes (some more/some less), hula hoopers with glowing hula hoops twirled up, down and all around, itty bitty teenie weenie bikinis, children dancing … but wait a minute … horses and humans on the beach?


Week 3 – #26. Masked

Every Sunday beginning about an hour before sunset, the community drum circle plays at the Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. It’s a free, improvised event with free-forming drumming. On any given Sunday evening from May through October, you’ll find people of all ages dancing or just gathering with a picnic and listening to the drumming. If you live in or around Sarasota, or if you are a visitor to our great city, I can recommend you spend an evening at the drum circle. Since this is such a fun event, I decided to place a fun masked frame around a photo I took recently. To see more drum circle photos, “like” our camera club Facebook website (http://www.facebook.com/lwrdpc), click on Photos, Albums, and Field Trip – August 10, 2014.
26. Masked


Week 2 – #17. High Above

When the positive and negative charges grow large enough, a giant spark – lightning – occurs between the two charges within the cloud. This is like static electricity sparks you see, but much bigger. Most lightning happens inside a cloud, but sometimes it happens between the cloud and the ground. (www.planet-science.com/categories/over…/what-causes-lightning.aspx)

As we were enjoying an evening with friends at Tarpon Point Grill & Tiki Bar on the Manatee River recently, high above our heads appeared angry, puffy clouds filled with intermittent lightning flashes. I was totally unprepared to capture lightning but did manage to get one shot showing a strike between the cloud and ground.


Week 1 – #11. Favorite Room

As I was dressing this morning for my appointment with Dr. Naomi Johansen, I was thinking that today was the beginning of our 2014 – 2015, 52-Week Photo Challenge. “I had better take my camera,” I thought, “because there may be an opportunity to take a photo to satisfy a theme.” So, I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and headed for my appointment. I must admit that although Dr. Johansen is a lovely lady and wonderful doctor, an exam room is not my favorite room.
11. Favorite Room