A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 10. – #33. Paths And/Or Trails


Photographing old and abandoned facilities is one of the most interesting, and frightening, things I have done recently. This photograph was taken last Sunday at an abandoned public golf course in Sarasota, FL. What could I possibly come up with that would fit one of our themes? There were plenty of lost and forgotten items, but that was a theme from last year, so I kept thinking. After photographing the inside of the clubhouse, I went down to the golf cart storage area but, again, found nothing that fit a theme. As I walked out of the storage area, and ventured towards the golf course, I started walking down the golf cart path which at one time wound through a beautiful, lush golf course and I found something suitable for the Paths And/or Trails theme. It was just a short walk down the golf cart path when I came upon one of the signs directing golfers to the clubhouse. When I returned home and began processing my photos, I decided to fade it and try a tutorial to make it appear to have been older, crumpled and discarded before being placed in an old photo album. The tutorial was a fun experience. Later, while researching the golf course on the Internet, I saw a couple of photos of large alligators walking across the golf course and it was only then that I became really, really scared. What in the world was I thinking by walking alone on that overgrown golf cart path surrounded by lakes and thick, overgrown vegetation taller than my head? Crazy! Both photos are below.
33. Paths And Or Trails lg

33. Paths And Or Trails


Author: tnwaltz

A true Southerner, I was born in Georgia but lived most of my adult life in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2001, my husband and I retired and moved to beautiful Sarasota, FL. We quickly realized that we were not retirement material and could not play golf two or three times a week so we got our real estate licenses and affiliated with Coldwell Banker on Longboat Key. My love for photography is very beneficial to me when photographing interiors and exteriors of the homes we list. Other than photography, I have a keen interest in genealogy and golf (whenever I can find the spare time from our real estate practice).

18 thoughts on “Week 10. – #33. Paths And/Or Trails

  1. Glad you are safe. I like the result of your editing. It turned out to be quite an adventure in the end!


  2. This path should be for carts only, keep your feet safely inside!


  3. Really neat Mary! I still am amazed at all the different ways a photo can be enhanced.


  4. Like it and find it rewarding to experiment with tutorials on photos. Just remember – gators are just afraid of you as you are of them and will most likely head for the water for their own safety.


  5. Glad you did not become lunch. I like how you play with your photos.


  6. I love the processing for the final image. We all have these adventures that are always such a good idea at the time…… 🙂


  7. That certainly is the “rough” now!!


  8. I bet you were always the little girl that wandered away from the other kids during the class field trips! You left the security of the “group” to go off in the weeds alone! HA


    • I’m laughing so hard right now at your comment and her post! I think you’re right… I bet many people were calling her name while she was growing up… trying not to let her wander too far away….


  9. I love the way you put both photos here so we could see the original as well as your ‘enhanced’ one. Gives a person ideas and inspiration!


  10. I like the effect of the second picture. Well done MN.


  11. I like both the photos, but the second one seems so appropriate. You could have also used the theme “It happens over time”.


  12. Yikes! next time at least take a friend on your adventures. But you got an amazing shot.


  13. Cool tutorial! I like both versions. =)


  14. I am with everyone too. I like both versions and there is something to be said for “adventure”. Marc loves to “wander” around and get lost in the moment as well.


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