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Week 12 – #21. It Happens Over Time


This time of year, golf courses are normally in pristine condition, especially in Florida and other warm climate areas. This particular one, however, has failed and its future is uncertain. “It happens over time” can be appropriately applied to this one when routine maintenance and repair monies are not available. I met a resident of this community who shared horror stories about vandalism and how feral pigs have become a problem so huge that hunters with bows and arrows hunt them in order to keep the population under control. Homeowners have taken upon themselves to mow sections of the golf course property which adjoins their once golf front properties. Homes listed for sale in the community are not selling because of the uncertainty of the golf club and golf course. Who knows what will happen to this property but it’s a sad situation.
21. It Happens Over Time


Author: tnwaltz

A true Southerner, I was born in Georgia but lived most of my adult life in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2001, my husband and I retired and moved to beautiful Sarasota, FL. We quickly realized that we were not retirement material and could not play golf two or three times a week so we got our real estate licenses and affiliated with Coldwell Banker on Longboat Key. My love for photography is very beneficial to me when photographing interiors and exteriors of the homes we list. Other than photography, I have a keen interest in genealogy and golf (whenever I can find the spare time from our real estate practice).

15 thoughts on “Week 12 – #21. It Happens Over Time

  1. love this in black and white with the vultures on the roof!


  2. Amazing how fast conditions deteriorate when not properly maintained. Nicely done!


  3. What a sad commentary on what was once a lovely community.


  4. The black and white add to the tone of the post. Nicely done.


  5. Well written. It looks how even the vultures are waiting on the roof tops for their opportunities.


    • The photo is a cleaner version of what currently exists. The vegetation has taken over and we have hunters entering the subdivision to hunt deer ON A GOLF COURSE WITHIN A COMMUNITY!!! Apparently zoning allows this activity. Not only sad, but very dangerous.


  6. That is sad – I believe we have about 3 courses like that in our area. You’re right, landscaping can get out of control when there is no plan to maintain it. I didn’t notice the vultures, at first!


  7. A clean environment is a good thing, but it sure has limited photographic opportunities….there is something about a deteriorating object that draws the eye of a photographer like a magnet. Love the sky treatment and the buzzards – perfect!


  8. So sad. Your processing really captures the description and narrative.


  9. It is sad for the homeowners to have to worry about the future of the area and the inability to not sell homes. Like the shot in B&W.


  10. very nice – love the crispness of the whole shot and B&W perfect for the feeling of decay.


  11. The vultures on the rooftop tell the story . . .


  12. Oh My…those poor home owners. Sure hope this Happens Over Time will have a happy ending for everyone involved.


  13. The photo is almost sad.


  14. Great atmosphere in the photo. Fits the narrative. Hope things pick up soon for everyone involved.


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