A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 18 – #29. On Two Wheels

My father passed away at a young age on Christmas day in 1967 and I can only remember him working at one place, Hatfield and Keefe Furniture Store, a 4-story building at 55 East Main Street in Chattanooga, TN. Not too many years ago, the building was renovated and now houses a restaurant on the main level and loft apartments above. In the renovation process, the old freight elevator was removed and its parts were cleverly welded together and made into a fence surrounding the loft owners’ parking lot. As I walked down the sidewalk and saw the wheels and pullies, I couldn’t help but remember as a child riding from floor to floor on that freight elevator carried partly on two wheels.
29. On Two Wheels



Week 17 – #28. Natural Beauty

Always whenever I travel up Lookout Mountain, I admire the “Natural Beauty” of the 100-foot waterfall at Rock City. I always wanted to stop and photograph it but never did until this beautiul fall morning in early November when I noticed how especially pretty it looked framed by the fall colors.


Week 16. – #43. Solitary

The fall season is my favorite time of the year and when I thoroughly enjoy long drives and walks in the woods in and around my hometown of Chattanooga. This is when I can leave my cares behind, explore meadows and admire the majesty of old-growth trees, moss and the sound of a waterfall or stand on top of a mountain looking through mist and fog. These are magical times for me. As I drove over the mountain on this day, I determined winter was fast approaching as indicated by this solitary fallen red leaf.
43. Solitary


Week 15 – #35. Rocky Waterscapes

I had a tough time deciding whether this photo fit the theme “Rocky Waterscapes,” but after several reviews of the photo, I decided it did for four reasons. (1) There is water; (2) there are definitely rocks/riprap along the Tennessee River shoreline; (3) the piers which support the Walnut Street Bridge are stones from the old Stone Fort Land Company; and (4) heck, I was on vacation but got up before sunrise this particular morning so I could take this photo of the heavy fog!