A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 31 – #47. Summer Fun

Not only do I really like this photo because of the summer cloud formation, I like it also because it reminds me of my daddy whose idea of summer fun was to grab his rod and reel and wander off to a little spot near our home. My eyes travel to the end of the pier and, seeing the fishermen, I can’t help but think of how daddy would have turned guys like this into his fishing buddies. He was a good natured man who made friends easily. As a little girl, I remember him making lures and pouring melted metals into a mold for sinkers. Of course, I was right beside him “helping.”
47 Summer Fun



Week 30 – #49. Two Of Us

There were so many wonderful times I shared with our little Bichon puppy, Genie, who is no longer with us. I often think about what a special place she had in our home and Mike and I talk often about how much we miss her and how no other puppy could ever take her place. If I had to select one time I shared with her that was more special to me than other times, it would have to be when we were on a long walk and it was just the two of us. I captured this photo one day of a lady walking her dog at Ken Thompson Park and it reminded me of the times little Genie and I shared.
Two of Us


Week 29 – #44. Someone Working

Allow me to introduce you to the El Galeón, the 170-foot, 495-ton authenic wooden replica of a Spanish galleon that traveled the coasts of Florida 500 years ago. She was docked at the Municipal Marina in St. Augustine during the time of our visit. Owned and operated by the Nao Victoria Foundation of Seville, Spain, she carries twenty-eight crew members who must maneuver more than 9,600 square feet of sail area in the same fashion as 16th century sailors. I wondered if I could find someone working, and indeed I did. You’ll notice a couple of crew members watching another crew member as he dangles from a line on the port side while making adjustments to the lines.


Week 28 – #39. Shot Through Glass

While in St. Augustine recently, Mike and I were having lunch at a local restaurant located on the water. Seated at a window, we could not help but notice all the sea gulls flying by so naturally I grabbed my trusty camera and shot through glass to capture the gulls in flight.
Shot Through Glass DSC_8366