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Week 45 – #12. Fences And/or Rails


This week, I am taking you to Chattanooga, TN and telling you about a place dear to my heart, the Industrial YMCA. The “Y,” a Spanish Revival-style structure built in 1929, is abundant with plaster casts of family crests, handpainted art deco patterns on wooden beams, and window handles forged by Chattanooga ironworkers. The terra cotta exteriors of many Chattanooga buildings were created by artisans whose skills, time and resources no longer exist. Their craftsmanship is irreplaceable. The “Y” offered basketball, badminton courts, a boxing ring, stage, trapeze equipment and a swimming pool. It offered 59 small rooms for people to stay in; that is until 1989 when its doors were closed for ten years. During that time, it was inhabited by the homeless and pigeons … lots of pigeons. A friend of mine, Jack Kruesi, purchased it in 1999 and began hundreds of hours refurbishing the building. To him, it is a labor of love because he, like a lot of other people, including me, remember vividly the good times we had there as kids. Most of the original building is still intact.

I was so grateful when Jack graciously handed over the keys to the building allowing me to spend many hours photographing it. The below photo of the wrought iron railing ended my search for something to satisfy the “Fences And/Or Rails” theme.
12. Fences And Or Rails


Author: tnwaltz

A true Southerner, I was born in Georgia but lived most of my adult life in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2001, my husband and I retired and moved to beautiful Sarasota, FL. We quickly realized that we were not retirement material and could not play golf two or three times a week so we got our real estate licenses and affiliated with Coldwell Banker on Longboat Key. My love for photography is very beneficial to me when photographing interiors and exteriors of the homes we list. Other than photography, I have a keen interest in genealogy and golf (whenever I can find the spare time from our real estate practice).

12 thoughts on “Week 45 – #12. Fences And/or Rails

  1. So interesting … what is he doing with the building now? That railing is beautiful.


    • I plan to drop by the “Y” on my next trip to Chattanooga and, hopefully, will be able to discuss with Jack what his plans are and to see the progress he has made with the restoration. It is a beautiful old building.


  2. Beautiful shot Mary Nell. Great history of the building, so glad someone is saving it for others to enjoy in the future.


  3. This photo is amazing – can I use it in our classes at LWRDPC. Textures, colors, shapes, and terrific lines.


  4. Nice!

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. What a wonderful opportunity to have a building like that all to yourself for a shoot. Nice image.


  6. Great shot – well done


  7. great photo! love the textures & lines.


  8. That’s a beautiful photograph and such a nice story about the building thank you.


  9. Touching history of a building well remembered by your friend and yourself. The railing is beautiful and the textures of the walls is very photogenic. I hope it finds a good use in the future to match its past.


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