A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 52 – #A2. Circle(s)

I saved this post until the end because I kept looking for circles but could not find any I liked. I am not a huge shopper but I am fascinated with our new mall and its architecture. One day I looked up (who can help but look up) at the angles and circles and took a quick photo.



Week 50 – #46 Still Life

On a recent return trip from Chattanooga, we stopped in central Georgia at a roadside stand and purchased some peaches. After making two peach cobblers (both of which were consumed by my husband), I decided to use the wooden slat basket as a platform for a still life photo.
Still Life DSC_4700


Week 49 – #A1. Blue

I have had this theme on my mind for a couple of weeks wondering what I could find to photograph to satisfy it. It suddenly became obvious to me when I drove into my community late one evening after a long day of real estate appointments and noticed how pretty the American flag looked against the blue twilight sky. Happy upcoming July 4th to everyone.
A1. Blue DSC_4609