A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 1 – #8. Common Cliche’ Phrase


My husband and I have a real estate client/friend who is a professional dancer. We were so happy today when she invited us to attend the Florida State Dance Sport Championships downtown at the Ritz Carlton. This was my first time attending such an event, but it will not be my last. I had no idea about the time, effort and cost of competing in these dance competitions. Dress vendors lined the hallways with gorgeous, sequined dresses priced in the thousands of dollars, massage tables for the dancers lined the hallways, makeup stations and hairdressers were plentiful. I learned how expensive it is to take dance lessons which would give one enough experience to compete. I was told some dancers take lessons three or four times a week in order to get enough experience but it all pays off when the judge announces your name as a first place winner. It all goes back to the “common cliche’ phrase,” “Practice Makes Perfect.”
8. Practice Makes Perfect 5520


Author: tnwaltz

A true Southerner, I was born in Georgia but lived most of my adult life in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2001, my husband and I retired and moved to beautiful Sarasota, FL. We quickly realized that we were not retirement material and could not play golf two or three times a week so we got our real estate licenses and affiliated with Coldwell Banker on Longboat Key. My love for photography is very beneficial to me when photographing interiors and exteriors of the homes we list. Other than photography, I have a keen interest in genealogy and golf (whenever I can find the spare time from our real estate practice).

18 thoughts on “Week 1 – #8. Common Cliche’ Phrase

  1. Nice photo. Good idea for the theme!


  2. I can almost hear the music when I look at your photo.


  3. Nicely captured with the flowing dress you can feel the movement. I was wondering about this theme, so thank you for jumping on it so now I have an idea of what was meant.


  4. Your own private viewing of “Dancing With The Stars”! How exciting and a wonderful shot and cliche’ for the theme.


  5. Great start to the year. I love the flowing movement you have captured in her stance and dress. Magic!


  6. Nice shot…what fun!


  7. I really like the softness of this picture…did you use a special effect / filter? I struggle with people shots so any tips appreciated.


    • Nicola, I used Nik Collection, Color Efex Pro 4 with the Vignette: Blur filter on this photo. My settings were: Shape 1; Type 2; Transition 25%; Size 65%; Opacity 68%. I used the “Place Center” button to place where I wanted the center to be. I have had the Nik Collection for quite some time and there may be a newer version out now. Check out the website for Nik: https://www.google.com/nikcollection/ I have all of Nik’s filters and love them. Same for Topaz.


  8. omg, that’s her left leg up in the air! Practice Makes Perfect. You know a few things about that, and your photography speaks to that!


  9. I always wanted to go to one of these presentations. You nailed it with this theme and started with a hard one.


  10. Perfect timing is another one you could of used because you nailed it! Lovely photo 🙂


  11. Beautiful and graceful. I love ballroom dance competitions.


  12. Beautiful; great capture, Mary!


  13. Very elegant photo of these dancers Mary. I hope that you got their names for a copy. I’ve known dancers that put in hours and hours of practice just for one completion. Fantastic interpitaion of this theme.


  14. Great way to illustrate this cliche.


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