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Week 5 – #2. Abstract

I labored over what I would post for this theme until I consulted my best friend, a/k/a Google, which recommended a website that grabbed my attention.  Save your plastic garbage bag everyone because you can use it to create an interesting and colorful “abstract.”


2. Abstract



Week 4. – #44. Topless

On a rainy day while on vacation, and as I was cooking breakfast, my thoughts were that I had lost a day of photography in order to satisfy one of my 52-Week Photo Challenge themes.  Suddenly I  was face to face with a “topless” egg and grabbed my camera.  Snap.  Theme satisfied.

Week 6 - #44. Topless DSC_4163


Week 3 – #28. Repeating Patterns

While the exterior design of the Oculus is amazing, inside you will find yourself standing in the midst of this unusual building looking at the “repeating patterns” of the interior.  The Freedom Tower can be seen through the opening in the ceiling.

Week 3 - #28 Repeating Patterns DSC_3752


Week 2 – #33. Something With Wings

Last week, I posted a photo of the Oculus from the street behind it so this week you will get a view of it as seen across the footprint of the former World Trade Center building which was destroyed in the brutal attack of September 11, 2001.  The Oculus is an unusual design and looks like “something with wings.”

Something With Wings DSC_4116


Week 1 -#49. Where The ____ Meets The Sky

The Oculus, known as the new World Trade Center transportation hub, is located in lower Manhattan on the site of the World Trade Center and is indeed a strangely designed glass and steel structure.  It officially opened to the public in March, 2016. At a cost of 4 Billion Dollars, when completed it will serve daily commuters and visitors from around the world. During the next few weeks, I will post a few more photos representing different views of the Oculus which I think satisfy other 52-Week themes, but today I am sharing this photo which I took from the back side.  As I walked on the street behind the Oculus, I turned around and gazed in amazement when I saw “where the Freedom beacon meets the sky.”

Oculus DSC_3771

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Another Challenge Year Approaches

Today, August l, 2016, I begin year 5 of photo challenges.  I am committed to posting one photo per week for 52 weeks which will interpret 52 pre-determined themes, as shown in the above header, “Themes 2016 – 2017.”  This past year I successfully completed the 52-Week Photo Challenge and I am excited and determined to complete the upcoming 5th year of challenges.  Stick with me as I travel through the new themes.  It’s going to be another fun year.  Let the fun begin!