A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 8 – #15. Looking Up

Although weather did not cooperate by giving me the beautiful blue hour lighting which I have grown to love, I simply had to stop by One Beacon Court, 151 East 58th Street, a/k/a The Bloomberg Tower, for a photo op as I was “looking up” from the courtyard.  When I say, “a photo op,” that is exactly what I got because after taking only one photo I was approached by security and informed that the property owner does not allow photos to be taken of the buildings on the property. In a very polite manner, he said I was welcome to take photos from the sidewalk, which I did, but the photo I managed to take from inside the courtyard was much more interesting. Just to name two, Beyonce and Brian Williams have pads there.

Week 4 - #15. Looking Up





Week 9- #38. Street Scenes

Prior to my recent visit to New York in August, I searched various publications about the homeless population and the life of a homeless person in New York. One article (http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-homeless-prefer-streets-violent-shelters-article-1.2564370) did not paint a pretty picture of life in a shelter in NYC and as a result it was stated that the people would prefer living on the streets, or in the parks or subways. As I walked along a small park at Alight Street and Varick Street, I saw what I think is confirmation of that fact. Being careful to use an aperture wide enough to disguise his face, I saw this young man restfully sleeping in his hammock tied at the head to a tree and at the foot to an iron fence at the sidewalk area. Walking alongside the fence for a better view, I saw his personal belongings (worn walking shoes and an umbrella) on the ground beneath him. Unfortunately, these “Street Scenes” are common.

Week 9 - #38. Street Scenes DSC_3817



Week 6 – #1. A Fairy Tale

Welcome to the Little Red Lighthouse located alongside the Hudson River and underneath the George Washington Bridge. “A Fairy Tale,” entitled The Little Red Lighthouse And The Great Gray Bridge, was written in 1942 and I have always wanted to visit the lighthouse on one of my trips to New York. Because of this week’s theme, Mike and I made the effort to hike down the steep path in order to visit it. I am so glad as there were families with picnic baskets and little children with wide eyes and who I imagined had read the book.  The book is available through Amazon and would be a nice present for your children and/or grandchildren. If you plan to visit The Little Red Lighthouse, please note that we chatted with security, who told us it is not a safe place to be after dark.

Little Red Lighthouse DSC_4009