A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 6 – #1. A Fairy Tale


Welcome to the Little Red Lighthouse located alongside the Hudson River and underneath the George Washington Bridge. “A Fairy Tale,” entitled The Little Red Lighthouse And The Great Gray Bridge, was written in 1942 and I have always wanted to visit the lighthouse on one of my trips to New York. Because of this week’s theme, Mike and I made the effort to hike down the steep path in order to visit it. I am so glad as there were families with picnic baskets and little children with wide eyes and who I imagined had read the book.  The book is available through Amazon and would be a nice present for your children and/or grandchildren. If you plan to visit The Little Red Lighthouse, please note that we chatted with security, who told us it is not a safe place to be after dark.

Little Red Lighthouse DSC_4009


Author: tnwaltz

A true Southerner, I was born in Georgia but lived most of my adult life in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2001, my husband and I retired and moved to beautiful Sarasota, FL. We quickly realized that we were not retirement material and could not play golf two or three times a week so we got our real estate licenses and affiliated with Coldwell Banker on Longboat Key. My love for photography is very beneficial to me when photographing interiors and exteriors of the homes we list. Other than photography, I have a keen interest in genealogy and golf (whenever I can find the spare time from our real estate practice).

13 thoughts on “Week 6 – #1. A Fairy Tale

  1. I took people on bus tours in NYC and never knew that existed. Love the post.

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  2. I love the pop of red color in the landscape.

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  3. What a pleasant surprise! I have never heard of the children’s book or seen the light house.

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  4. Nice, I have known it was there, but I have never seen it for myself. Thanks for sharing

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  5. i have never heard of the book or lighthouse. shame on me since i lived in new york area most of my life!!!

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  6. For those wanting to visit the lighthouse, you can hop on the A train and get off at 181st Street in Washington Heights. Walk down two or three blocks to Riverside Drive where you will turn right. Cross over the walking bridge and follow the walking path down to the Hudson River. We found it easier to take the A train because parking is hard (near impossible) to find if you drive.

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  7. Beautiful photo Mary Nell! One of these trips back home I will have to stop and shoot this!

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  8. Looks fake. I LOVE it. Really appropriate for the theme. Now it sparks my interest after dark! But you wouldn’t catch me there!!

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  9. Great find. I shall have to look for the book. I like the pop of red against the bridge.

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  10. How lovely – and the composition is very clever with the path leading the eye in.

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  11. It is an unusual place to find a lighthouse. Love the photo.

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  12. Never heard of the book but your picture is delightful!

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