A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 1 – #50. Starts with “Q” (Creative)

When I first saw someone’s artwork on the side of a building in downtown Sarasota, my first impression was that it was somewhat “quirky.”  I have been trying to master portraiture photography so the more I looked at the artwork the more I thought it would make a creative backdrop for a portrait if I used a wide aperture to blur it significantly.  Thanks goes out to my husband for agreeing to be my model.




Week 36 – #24. I Found This

I was full of excitement today when “I found this” female honey bee buzzing from flower to flower gathering pollen.  You may ask why I would get excited and want to photograph it instead of running toward my car.  Take a look at her rear leg with her bulging orange pollen basket.   After she visits a flower, she begins grooming herself and brushes pollen gathered on her body down toward her hind legs and packs the pollen into her pollen basket. Female bees feed their offspring with pollen mixed with a little nectar.16X20 Bee _MNM7890


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Week 32 – #49. Way Down Low

One evening last week, Mike and I decided to have a late dinner at Mar Vista on the north end of Longboat Key.  As usual, we had to wait to be seated so we strolled out onto one of the docks and noticed “way down low” beneath the dock and below the water several fish (snook perhaps?) were swimming back and forth and highlighted by a large underwater light.

49. Way Down Low_MNM6933


Week 31 – #26. Isolated Object(s)

Each time I drive over to Longboat Key to my Coldwell Banker office, I pass by this houseboat moored in Sarasota Bay.  On this day I had my camera with me and made my way through the bushes as close as I could to the water line.  Sailboats and other “isolated objects” are often found moored in the Bay but most often they are in close proximity to each other.  This one is not close to any other  but has a fantastic view of downtown Sarasota and the Ringling Bridge.#26. Isolated Objects_MNM7243