A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 35 – #40. Simplicity

I chose to photograph this scene because of its simplicity. Aside from our photography group, the only person enjoying the sunset on Indian Rocks Beach was this windsurfer.



Week 31 – #47. Summer Fun

Not only do I really like this photo because of the summer cloud formation, I like it also because it reminds me of my daddy whose idea of summer fun was to grab his rod and reel and wander off to a little spot near our home. My eyes travel to the end of the pier and, seeing the fishermen, I can’t help but think of how daddy would have turned guys like this into his fishing buddies. He was a good natured man who made friends easily. As a little girl, I remember him making lures and pouring melted metals into a mold for sinkers. Of course, I was right beside him “helping.”
47 Summer Fun


Week 13. #24. Long Exposure

Thanks to this challenge and a fellow photographer, I learned something new last week. On a beautiful day with a gentle breeze and puffy clouds above, I learned to use a variable filter, which I have had for nearly a year and never used. We spent about 3 hours together with a goal of learning how to use the variable filter resulting in a long exposure. Alongside the Ringling Bridge and overlooking the Bay towards downtown Sarasota provided the perfect venue.
24. Long Exposure


Week 7 – #1. At A Distance

As many of you know, I am a Coldwell Banker real estate agent serving Sarasota and Manatee Counties with an office in Sarasota on Longboat Key. Often I have said if a person works, his/her workday would pass more quickly if they had a nice view from their office window. Although this view is from our conference room, it is visible as I walk through the various offices and hallways. You’ll notice at a distance is where Sarasota Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico.
1. At A Distance


Week 4 – #19. Horses and Humans

When I go to the drum circle on Siesta Key Public Beach, I am prepared for many sights. I have seen many different forms of drummers, dancers with varying costumes (some more/some less), hula hoopers with glowing hula hoops twirled up, down and all around, itty bitty teenie weenie bikinis, children dancing … but wait a minute … horses and humans on the beach?


Week 3 – #26. Masked

Every Sunday beginning about an hour before sunset, the community drum circle plays at the Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. It’s a free, improvised event with free-forming drumming. On any given Sunday evening from May through October, you’ll find people of all ages dancing or just gathering with a picnic and listening to the drumming. If you live in or around Sarasota, or if you are a visitor to our great city, I can recommend you spend an evening at the drum circle. Since this is such a fun event, I decided to place a fun masked frame around a photo I took recently. To see more drum circle photos, “like” our camera club Facebook website (http://www.facebook.com/lwrdpc), click on Photos, Albums, and Field Trip – August 10, 2014.
26. Masked