A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 18 – #34. OMG!

It will come as no surprise to some of my friends when I say that I love eating breakfast at the Waffle House. I had an “OMG!” moment, however, after breakfast one morning when I stepped outside of a WH in Gainesville, GA. Quickly, I used my iPhone to take this photo. If you will click the photo to enlarge it, you will understand why it grabbed my attention and gave me an opportunity to satisfy a theme.
34. OMG DSC_7363



Week 42 – #17. Holy Smoke!

There are two things Tennesseans hold in high regard, i.e. religion and bar-b-cue, and in that order. Therefore, since the two are thought of in the same light, it would seem to me that the smoke rising from the bar-b-cue could be thought of as “Holy Smoke.”
Holy Smoke DSC_0586


Week 10 – #52 What’s Cooking?

Last week, Mike and I had a late lunch at Cucina & Co. in the MetLife Building at Grand Central Terminal in NY and I could not help but grab a quick photo of this cook. As you can see, it was somewhat cramped in the kitchen area but work never slowed down. Food was going out as fast as it was coming out of the ovens and off the rotisserie.
What's Cooking edit DSC_4313


44. Red, White and Blue

I have been trying to find something to photograph for red, white and blue other than the American flag so the other day as I was driving North towards Bradenton on US 41, I saw a Pepsi truck headed South. What did I do? You betcha! I made an illegal turn and followed it until the driver pulled into a convenience store.
Red White and BlueDSC_8262