A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 33 – #47. Shades Of Gray

As photographers, we are always looking for something interesting which will make a good photograph. That was the situation as I stepped on the escalator and looked upward at the lone figure ahead of me. The simplicity, leading lines and “shades of gray” caught my eye and I could not resist taking this photo.
47. Shades of Gray DSC_0210



Week 14 – #48. Three Of A Kind

I don’t think this photo needs further explanation as we all know these guys are three of a kind.
48.Three Of A KindDSC_7156


Week 18 – #5. Bouncer

On a recent flight, my heart bled for this mother of three. The little one, a boy, appeared to be nearing the age two (remember that age?) and was full of energy. All type entertainment ideas were presented to him during the beginning of the flight, i.e. snacks, juice, iPad games, but none seemed to work. My husband and I nicknamed him, “The Bouncer.” This poor mother seemed to be totally exhausted within 20 minutes of the flight but after we were in the air for about an hour, The Bouncer gave up the fight and fell asleep. This photo was taken with my iPhone and I softened it with a filter and vignette. You may be wondering where Daddy was during the flight…napping within arm’s reach across the aisle! 🙂 God Bless Mothers.
Bouncer IMG_0265


Week 14 – #32. Out Of Place

Okay, okay, I know I am showing my age but don’t you think this is a little out of place? I was walking through a small park and noticed this young couple “bumping and grinding” right in front of God and everybody. I chose to ignore them and continued my walk through Brooklyn Heights where I found some beautiful brownstones. About an hour later, as I was walking back through the park on my way home, yep, you guessed it the show was continuing so I thought, “What the heck, I’ll just photograph them.” Sorry, I didn’t have enough cash on me to give them for a room.
Out Of Place

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Week 13 – #30. Other Photographers

I followed this photographer around various spots alongside the water and decided this photo would make a good one for the “Other Photographers” theme. They were posing by both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, in the Park, by the carousel and many other spots. They were a cute, loving couple on their special day so I hope he got some great photos.
Other Photographers DSC_4044