A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 24 – #32. Painting With Light

There are many beautiful places to photograph in Sarasota and I cannot select one place over another. One that I especially love, however, is downtown at Island Park along Sarasota Bay. There is always activity such as children playing, people walking their dogs, sweethearts strolling hand in hand and much more. While enjoying a pleasant evening recently, I decided to practice painting with light and found the grasses by the Bay gently swaying in the breeze to be the ideal subject. 32. Painting With Light



Week 19. – #42. Skyline Panorama

One of the pleasures I get from being a realtor is I get to see so many beautiful houses and condos. This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of showing my customer several condos in downtown Sarasota and I could not help but snap a quick shot of the skyline panorama of beautiful Sarasota from the terrace of Sarabande. My mind ran wild thinking how I would feel waking up every morning greeted by this view.