A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 13 – #10. Dawn’s Light

I don’t normally get up early enough to see the “dawn’s light” but last Saturday morning, Mike yelled, “Get up and get your camera.” I have lived in my house on Signal Mountain since 1984 and never have I seen such a glorious sunrise. The sky was brilliant red when he awakened me but by the time I dressed, got out on the deck and set the camera, it had lessened somewhat.
10. Dawn's Light DSC_7785



Week 40 – #49. Ugly

The Martians are coming…The Martians are coming! You may think this photo has been manipulated in Photoshop, but I can assure you that it has not. This ugly monstrosity is known as the Space House or Flying Saucer House. When it was built in 1970, the builder envisioned building similar houses around the nation, but the cost became prohibitive. So the prototype mothership became a one-of-a-kind Chattanooga structure. Isn’t Chattanooga fortunate??? Some find the structure interesting but I see it as an ugly eyesore and wish that one day Scotty would beam it up.
Ugly DSC_0495


Week 39 – #22. In The Trees

On the little one-lane street where my Tennessee mountain home is located are many large pines and hardwoods. As I was strolling the street a few days ago, I noticed the Wisteria winding its way upward in the trees. Springtime in Tennessee is a beautiful time of year and it seemed to me that it was more beautiful this Spring than in years past. The large purple and white blossoms filled the air with their sweet fragrance and as I stood there, I looked around at the beautiful nature surrounding me and realized how blessed I am. Feeling more artistic than usual, I used a Topaz filter and a Faststone mask for the processing.
In The Trees DSC_0548