A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 14 – #6. Bridge

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to call two beautiful cities “home.” Last week, I posted a long exposure of my Sarasota home city framed with the beautiful Ringling Bridge. This week, I want to introduce you to a long exposure of my Chattanooga home city framed with not one bridge but three, the Walnut Street Bridge, the Market Street Bridge and, in the far distance, the Olgiati Bridge. Chattanooga has a fourth bridge downtown, the Veteran’s Bridge, but it is just to the left and out of the frame of this photo. The red streak is a result of the long exposure as a riverboat made its way slowly up the river.



Week 38 – #10 Framed

The Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga was erected in 1890 and served as a passageway from the City across the Tennessee River to the North Shore until 1978, when it was put out of service due to disrepair. It remained dormant for nearly ten years until it was repaired and put back into service as one of the World’s longest pedestrian walking bridges at 2,376′ long. The bridge is enjoyed by locals and visitors on a daily basis as an avenue for exercise, an opportunity to enjoy beautiful views and as a means to walk to and from work. It is now a happy place but back in 1906 that was not the case. For you see, it was in that year a place of sadness; a place where a Mother and Father lost a son; and a place which for years would bring a lot of controversy and shame to a young man who in his last breath declared his innocence as he was hanged from the second span. Ninety-four years later, a Chattanooga criminal judge reviewed the case and declared the young man innocent of the crime to which he was charged. After you read his story here, you can decide for yourself whether or not you think he was guilty, innocent or perhaps framed by a group of men who took the law into their own hands.
Framed DSC_0490