A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 23 – #35. Rows of ________

If I am in Chattanooga at this time of the year, I always make an effort to visit the Chattanooga National Cemetery, established in 1863.  It touches my heart to see the Christmas wreaths placed on the “rows of headstones” of deceased veterans. According to news reports, in December volunteers placed over 9,000 wreaths one Saturday and an additional 16,000 wreaths the following Saturday.  Each year more and more wreaths are placed and I hope I am in Chattanooga to see wreaths placed on each gravesite in the more than 120-acre site. This photo is not only to show a small portion of the cemetery but in memory of my three 1st cousins who are interred there.#35. Rows of _MNM5552




Week 25 – #42. Silhouette

Last week, I shared one of my many photographs taken at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. This week, I am sharing another one taken high on a hill at the cemetery early one beautiful morning as the sun began its ascent. The small f/22 aperture resulted in a broad starburst giving the tree such a strong silhouette and long shadows of the headstones.
Cemetary DSC_8275


20. What’s That Noise? (Week 45)

Memorial Day, May 27th, found me at the Chattanooga National Cemetery where hundreds of people gathered to remember and pay tribute to those who served their country in the Armed Forces. There are over 51,000 service men and women interred at Chattanooga National Cemetery.
What's That Noise