A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 24 – #2. A Stranger

In 1978, “a stranger” walked into my office and introduced himself as Nino Piccolo, the architect who would be designing a new office building for my employer, and from that day forward we have been good friends.  While in Chattanooga just before Christmas we got together for lunch for what may be the last time we see each other before he returns to Italy, his homeland, in April. Our time over lunch was spent talking about the good times we have shared and the many mutual friends we have lost over the years.  Nino’s daughter, Christina, is accompanying him and will be teaching English to students in a nearby school.  They will reside in Nino’s home overlooking a beautiful countryside in Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region.  I wish you well, my friend, enjoy la dolce vita and I will keep my promise to visit you in the not-too-distant future.BW IMG_1890




Week 23 – #35. Rows of ________

If I am in Chattanooga at this time of the year, I always make an effort to visit the Chattanooga National Cemetery, established in 1863.  It touches my heart to see the Christmas wreaths placed on the “rows of headstones” of deceased veterans. According to news reports, in December volunteers placed over 9,000 wreaths one Saturday and an additional 16,000 wreaths the following Saturday.  Each year more and more wreaths are placed and I hope I am in Chattanooga to see wreaths placed on each gravesite in the more than 120-acre site. This photo is not only to show a small portion of the cemetery but in memory of my three 1st cousins who are interred there.#35. Rows of _MNM5552



Week 7 – #1. A Bench At _______

This 1894 Dentzel carousel is a central feature in Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. The antique carousel was restored by local master wood carver Bud Ellis and a devoted team of craftspeople and volunteers at his studio “Horsing Around” located near Chattanooga.
The carousel provides a delightful old-fashioned experience with 52 whimsical hand carved animals, a calliope band organ, and ornate gold leaf benches. The next time you’re in Chattanooga and would like an enjoyable carousel ride, be a kid again and jump on one of the carousel’s hand carved animals or just sit on “a bench at” Coolidge Park’s 1894 antique carousel.

Week 7 #1 A Bench At_MNM2124


Week 3 – #5. An Action Shot

Lucky for me, I had my camera set for just the right shutter speed and pointed in the right direction to catch “an action shot” of these two girls at second base during one of the ASA Championship games.

Week 2 An Action Shot_MNM2178


Week 2 – #45. The Ballpark

While in Chattanooga recently, I sat behind home base in “the ballpark” where I played softball regularly as a young girl. Oh, what memories flooded my mind! Of great interest to me was to see girls’ softball teams from all over the United States participating in the annual ASA National Championship.

Week 2 #45 The Ballpark_MNM2146


Week 16 – #31. Shot With Flash/Speedlight

I have always been intrigued with the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga, TN. Built in 1890, it was apparently the first non-military highway bridge across the Tennessee River. On a daily and nightly basis, it is now enjoyed as a walking bridge by thousands of Chattanooga natives and visitors. This photo was “shot with flash/speedlight” off camera with a red gel which turned the white railings red. My camera was set for a slow shutter speed; I placed a red gel on the flash and as the shutter remained open, I pressed the flash “test” button firing the flash multiple times as I walked along the rail. Although I also shot the scene with both a purple and blue gel, I liked the way it looked with the red gel best.

Red Bridge DSC_4892.jpg


Week 40 – #52. Yellow

A local Chattanooga artist, Kevin Bales, had a goal to get people to take another look at long neglected properties by decorating the walls of mostly industrial buildings. To bring his dream to reality, Kevin spent two years raising the funds on the first phase of the project known as “The McCallie Walls Mural Project.” Kevin, along with other local artists, worked together and the concept is Chattanooga’s first drive by art gallery on McCallie Avenue between Holtsclaw Ave. and Holly Street.  The artists were not restricted as to what could be painted on the buildings within those two blocks.  Since inception, the project has expanded to include the walls of buildings on other streets within the city. While in Chattanooga recently, I had a goal to photograph as many of the wall murals as I could find.  Although I photographed in excess of 40, I am certain I did not manage to photograph all of them but because of the vibrant yellow in the one below, I felt it best represented this week’s theme. In the near future, I plan to set up a separate website to display all of the walls I have photographed.