A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 13 – #52. Zig Zag

The Tennessee River Park is the crown jewel of Hamilton County’s Park system. Beginning at TVA’s Chickamauga Dam and stretching thirteen miles along the Tennessee River through downtown Chattanooga to the Southside District, this linear park offers users opportunities to enjoy a variety of activities and learning experiences.

The River walk itself is an eight-to-ten foot wide, landscaped and lighted concrete trail leading to parks and breath-taking views along the river. It is designed for use by both walkers and bicycle riders. This is a unique “Zig Zag” section in the downtown section of Chattanooga between the Walnut Street Bridge and the Market Street Bridge.






Week 22 – #35. On The River

Chattanooga endured an excessive amount of rain during December, 2015 and it isn’t often that you see all of the Chickamauga Dam spillways open. On this evening just after 7:00 p.m., I was “on the river” with my camera and captured a long exposure which gave the turbulent waters beneath the dam a smooth, silky look. Alongside the river beginning at the Chickamauga Dam and stretching ten miles to downtown Chattanooga is a lighted and landscaped walkway dotted with picnic tables, fishing piers and public art, an example of which you’ll see in my photo.
35. On The River DSC_9571


49. Anyone Home?

I haven’t thought about this little house for years, but thanks to our 52-Week Challenge, I thought about it yesterday as I was driving across Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga, TN and it made me think of the theme, “Anyone Home?”.  As a little girl, my Dad would let me tag along when he went fishing in the Tennessee River just below the Dam and this little house.  I was always intrigued with the tiny little house perched high above the railroad tracks and river.  It’s the house of the bridge tender, whose job is to raise the bridge when larger vessels travel up or down the river.  The little house has no yard, porch or deck but I would imagine the view is spectacular.

Thanks for the memories…I wonder if there was anyone home.

Peregrine Falcons are observed year-round at this site. The CSX Railroad Bridge at Chickamauga Dam is one of only three known nesting locations for the Peregrine Falcon, a Tennessee and Federal Endangered species, in Tennessee.