A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 29 – #19. I Want One

Aren’t little girls wonderful?  Just prior to Christmas, I was in the American Girl store in New York and watched the little girls buzz from one display to another with the “I Want One” look on their sweet little faces.  Although this photo isn’t a good one because of the reflections, I think it satisfies this week’s theme.  I hope Santa brought an American Girl doll or outfit to every little girl in the storeI Want One DSC_7266.



Week 24 – #29. Mirror Image

Toy stores always catch the attention of children, and children looking at the toys through storefront windows always catch my attention.  These two children provided the perfect photograph for this week’s mirror image theme.

Mirror Image DSC_7242


Week 18 – #5. Bouncer

On a recent flight, my heart bled for this mother of three. The little one, a boy, appeared to be nearing the age two (remember that age?) and was full of energy. All type entertainment ideas were presented to him during the beginning of the flight, i.e. snacks, juice, iPad games, but none seemed to work. My husband and I nicknamed him, “The Bouncer.” This poor mother seemed to be totally exhausted within 20 minutes of the flight but after we were in the air for about an hour, The Bouncer gave up the fight and fell asleep. This photo was taken with my iPhone and I softened it with a filter and vignette. You may be wondering where Daddy was during the flight…napping within arm’s reach across the aisle! 🙂 God Bless Mothers.
Bouncer IMG_0265


Week 6 – #41 Splash

Recently, I was at the Lakewood Ranch YMCA photographing an event and knew I would be able to capture something worthwhile as the children were splashing about in the pool. Many different challenges were given to the children but the one that caught my eye was “Fill The Bucket,” where the children were assigned to teams and each child would swim across the pool with a cup in hand and place a cup of water into the bucket. The team who finished first was declared the winning team.