A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 31 – #26. Isolated Object(s)

Each time I drive over to Longboat Key to my Coldwell Banker office, I pass by this houseboat moored in Sarasota Bay.  On this day I had my camera with me and made my way through the bushes as close as I could to the water line.  Sailboats and other “isolated objects” are often found moored in the Bay but most often they are in close proximity to each other.  This one is not close to any other  but has a fantastic view of downtown Sarasota and the Ringling Bridge.#26. Isolated Objects_MNM7243




Week 10 – #13. Downtown In B&W

This week while downtown with a fellow photographer, we walked past Smokin Joe’s, a favorite local night spot. I have always liked the energy there so swung my camera up to my eye and captured this photo. While processing, I wondered what “downtown in B&W” would look like so I processed it using the black and white adjustment layer. The energy was portrayed just as strongly in black and white as it was in color, I thought.
Adj DSC_7291


Week 19. – #42. Skyline Panorama

One of the pleasures I get from being a realtor is I get to see so many beautiful houses and condos. This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of showing my customer several condos in downtown Sarasota and I could not help but snap a quick shot of the skyline panorama of beautiful Sarasota from the terrace of Sarabande. My mind ran wild thinking how I would feel waking up every morning greeted by this view.