A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 42 – #45. Underneath

I really struggled with whether or not I should post this photo for something that was “underneath” something so to get the answer I asked myself, “What would Tim Nerenz do if he were me?”  The answer was clear.

45 Underneath_MNH7427



Week # 38 – #17. Misplaced/Lost/Missing Piece

My friend, Patricia, and I spent an enjoyable evening at the Sarasota Fair recently and when I looked up at the flashing sign for the Rock & Roll ride, I saw only the front portion of a pink Cadillac.  Obviously, there was a section “Misplaced/Lost” as the “Missing Piece” a/k/a the rear end, was nowhere to be seen.17. Misplaced.Lost.jpg