A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 25. #43. Starts With “O”

Some may call it a scallion; others may call it a green onion; many may call it a spring onion but whatever you call it, it is of the onion family and that means it “starts with “O.”#43. Starts With O _MNM5629





Week 28 – #26. Mealtime

Recently, mealtime found me at The Terminal Brewhouse on Market Street in a section in Chattanooga, TN known as the Southside, which is undergoing gentrification.

A little history: The Terminal Station (Choo-Choo) opened in December of 1909 and created an immediate need for a nearby hotel to give comfort to the weary travelers. The very next year The Stong building was built next door and The Terminal Hotel came to life soon after. The hotel featured steam-heated rooms, fancy for that era, with meals served all hours in a café. Legend holds that through the years the Stong building was home to speakeasies during prohibition, illegal casinos and even a house of ill repute.

Sometime in the early 1940’s Chester Davis, a porter at the Terminal Station, saved his tips and purchased the Stong building becoming one of the first black business owners in Chattanooga. The building stayed in his family, housing many different businesses. It was purchased in 2006 by local raconteur Joe Sliger who immediately began restoring the property. Not long after, he found a crew interested in this historic building. This band of visionaries had, coincidentally, a vision for the wonderful old building. The walls and rafters seemed to cry out to these rugged, brilliant men. “Beer” said the walls “amazing food” said the rafters and so an idea was born.
Terminal DSC_8417


Week 47 – #10. Family Table

I decided to have a little fun this week so ventured up to the Museum District in Chattanooga to photograph families having lunch at a family table. My favorite coffee shop/casual outdoor restaurant is Rembrandts with small wrought iron tables underneath a vine covered canopy. While sipping my latte, I noticed a black bird flying back and forth between a couple of tables and it soon became quite obvious that there were some very serious conversations between it and the customers. Although I was not close enough to hear, I used my imagination and in the first photo below, I imagined the bird saying, “How many times do I have to tell you to look at me when I am talking to you?” In the second photo, it seemed to be saying, “As a Mother, it is your responsibility to teach your child to sit up straight at the table and put away her iPad.”

I’d love to know what you think was being said. If you have any thoughts, please share them with me.
Family TableDSC_4174

Family TableDSC_4164


3. Change of Time (Week 50)

Although it has been a while since I was single and dating, I remember vividly how nice it was to go out to dinner and have a conversation with my date. As my husband (my date) and I were enjoying a wonderful evening at one of our favorite restaurants in Chattanooga along the Tennessee River, I noticed a young couple sitting across from us. They sat down, ordered beers and then his cell phone became more important to him than a nice dinner and conversation with his date. The entire time we sat there, he was on his cell phone. I mentioned to my husband that it was sad that times had changed so drastically. The second photo appears to be a father having breakfast with his daughter as he played with his cell phone and his daughter read a book. Conversation? Not while we were there. I guess I could also be accused of being guilty of the same, as I took both of these photos with my iPhone!
Change of Time