A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 3 – #25. Juxtaposition

The theme juxtaposition troubled me so I set out to master it quickly rather than waiting until the last few weeks. Several bloggers have said the things they like most about our 52-Week Photo Challenge are it not only forces them to have their cameras with them at all times but makes them more aware of their surroundings, and I cannot agree more. On this particular day, I decided to divert my travel from the main road to a section of town that I had never visited. That is the day lady luck was with me. Juxtaposition was staring me right in the face!



52. A Calm Moment

If you have been driving around lately, I know you have seen them standing on street corners. As I drove downtown yesterday, in the vicinity of Marina Jack’s, this guy caught my eye as he and his best buddy were sharing a calm moment in the warm sunshine.
A Calm Moment


19. Poverty and/or Wealth

I look at a photo like this and I see what appears to be poverty as well as wealth. With what appears to be all of her possessions in plastic bags, this woman stood alongside the sidewalk for a period of time looking towards the marina full of expensive boats and I couldn’t help but wonder what thoughts were running through her mind.
Poverty Or Wealth edited