A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 25 – #42. Silhouette

Last week, I shared one of my many photographs taken at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. This week, I am sharing another one taken high on a hill at the cemetery early one beautiful morning as the sun began its ascent. The small f/22 aperture resulted in a broad starburst giving the tree such a strong silhouette and long shadows of the headstones.
Cemetary DSC_8275



Week 8 – #25. Golden Mean

Although I gave a lot of thought about what to post for the Golden Mean theme, I must say that I never came up with an idea…until last week. As I was walking around San Marco in Lakewood Ranch, I noticed the many large light fixtures and, bingo, there was my Golden Mean theme. I have said it many times, the one thing that the 52-Week Challenge has done is make me aware of my surroundings.
Golden Mean


Week 6 – #41 Splash

Recently, I was at the Lakewood Ranch YMCA photographing an event and knew I would be able to capture something worthwhile as the children were splashing about in the pool. Many different challenges were given to the children but the one that caught my eye was “Fill The Bucket,” where the children were assigned to teams and each child would swim across the pool with a cup in hand and place a cup of water into the bucket. The team who finished first was declared the winning team.