A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


36. Light (Week 43)

One of my favorite places to go is Mar Vista Restaurant on the North end of Longboat Key. I find it so peaceful sitting underneath the twisted tree limbs strung with lights and feeling the gentle breeze from the Bay.



46. It’s Moving

In the evenings just about sunset, my husband and I frequent a little restaurant along the Sarasota Bay called Mar Vista and on this particular evening we were sitting outside enjoying what only a Sarasota evening can provide when we both noticed the reflections in the moving water. “Look at the water, it’s moving so slowly,” I said “and it reminds me of one of our 52-Week themes.”  It was so peaceful and just about the time I positioned my camera towards the water, three people walked across the dock and their red, aqua and orange shirts cast a beautiful reflection in the slowly moving water.  Click! Perfect!