A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 13 – #52. Zig Zag

The Tennessee River Park is the crown jewel of Hamilton County’s Park system. Beginning at TVA’s Chickamauga Dam and stretching thirteen miles along the Tennessee River through downtown Chattanooga to the Southside District, this linear park offers users opportunities to enjoy a variety of activities and learning experiences.

The River walk itself is an eight-to-ten foot wide, landscaped and lighted concrete trail leading to parks and breath-taking views along the river. It is designed for use by both walkers and bicycle riders. This is a unique “Zig Zag” section in the downtown section of Chattanooga between the Walnut Street Bridge and the Market Street Bridge.






Week 20 – #22. It’s A Mystery

There is something mystical, almost spooky, about foggy days along the riverfront. I love bridges, especially those with so much history like those which cross the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga. While there, I enjoy joining others who walk, run and bike across them. Early one foggy morning, I grabbed my camera and headed to the bridges in hopes of capturing a few mystical, foggy photos. There was nobody on the Market Street Bridge except me surrounded by thick fog and the sounds of boat horns – an eerie feeling. But wait! Who is that? She was not there when I took the photo yet when I processed it, she is there. Who is she? Why is she in my photo? Where is she going? If I were Stephen King writing a mystery novel, I would know the answers but at the moment, “It’s A Mystery.”


Week 15 – #35. Rocky Waterscapes

I had a tough time deciding whether this photo fit the theme “Rocky Waterscapes,” but after several reviews of the photo, I decided it did for four reasons. (1) There is water; (2) there are definitely rocks/riprap along the Tennessee River shoreline; (3) the piers which support the Walnut Street Bridge are stones from the old Stone Fort Land Company; and (4) heck, I was on vacation but got up before sunrise this particular morning so I could take this photo of the heavy fog!


Week 14 – #6. Bridge

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to call two beautiful cities “home.” Last week, I posted a long exposure of my Sarasota home city framed with the beautiful Ringling Bridge. This week, I want to introduce you to a long exposure of my Chattanooga home city framed with not one bridge but three, the Walnut Street Bridge, the Market Street Bridge and, in the far distance, the Olgiati Bridge. Chattanooga has a fourth bridge downtown, the Veteran’s Bridge, but it is just to the left and out of the frame of this photo. The red streak is a result of the long exposure as a riverboat made its way slowly up the river.