A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 12 – #26. Isolated Object(s)

_MNM3565Fall is my favorite time of the year because of the crispness of the air and the brilliant colors of the leaves as they begin to change.  Today as I was walking and admiring the beauty of nature, I spotted an “isolated object” of red amongst a sea of green.




Week 26 – #22. Ordinary Objects

What is a good idea for something to do when the weather outside isn’t suitable for photography?  Search around the house for “ordinary objects” to photograph, of course!




Week 23 – #52. With A Ball

While in New York this week, we walked downtown to see the Christmas decorations and I must say they took my breath away.  Across from 30 Rockefeller Center on the Avenue of the Americas, I managed to squeeze between a group of people to take a photograph of what can be done “with a ball” and some imagination.





Week 16. – #43. Solitary

The fall season is my favorite time of the year and when I thoroughly enjoy long drives and walks in the woods in and around my hometown of Chattanooga. This is when I can leave my cares behind, explore meadows and admire the majesty of old-growth trees, moss and the sound of a waterfall or stand on top of a mountain looking through mist and fog. These are magical times for me. As I drove over the mountain on this day, I determined winter was fast approaching as indicated by this solitary fallen red leaf.
43. Solitary