A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 6 – #36. Seasonal Showers/Inclement Weather

On this rainy/foggy day, I could’ve stepped out on my deck in Tennessee and taken a photograph of nothing but deck railing and heavy fog but instead I encouraged Mike to drive up to the top of Signal Mountain in “seasonal showers/inclement weather” where I found this charming little house partially covered with vines and draped in fog.  I was a bit concerned that the rain would damage my camera and lens so I hopped in the back seat and photographed it through the opened back window of the car figuring it best to get the back seat wet than my camera. Smart, eh? I am guessing the house was built in the early 1900’s and has been lovingly restored by its current owners. What a beauty with its gate, fence, front door and window trim all in a beautiful shade of red.  I would love to be invited inside.

Week 6 #36 Seasonal Showers.Inclement Weather_MNM2253




Week 13 – #10. Dawn’s Light

I don’t normally get up early enough to see the “dawn’s light” but last Saturday morning, Mike yelled, “Get up and get your camera.” I have lived in my house on Signal Mountain since 1984 and never have I seen such a glorious sunrise. The sky was brilliant red when he awakened me but by the time I dressed, got out on the deck and set the camera, it had lessened somewhat.
10. Dawn's Light DSC_7785


Week 39 – #22. In The Trees

On the little one-lane street where my Tennessee mountain home is located are many large pines and hardwoods. As I was strolling the street a few days ago, I noticed the Wisteria winding its way upward in the trees. Springtime in Tennessee is a beautiful time of year and it seemed to me that it was more beautiful this Spring than in years past. The large purple and white blossoms filled the air with their sweet fragrance and as I stood there, I looked around at the beautiful nature surrounding me and realized how blessed I am. Feeling more artistic than usual, I used a Topaz filter and a Faststone mask for the processing.
In The Trees DSC_0548


16. Manual Labor (Week 46)

If I had a piece of advice to give you, it would be to never own two houses because a house not lived in on a regular basis can be fraught with repair/cleanup issues. Recently, we were at our home in Tennessee for a relaxing couple of weeks. Our back lot slopes gradually down Signal Mountain towards the Tennessee River and since it is too steep for my husband to cut, it required a crew of guys with chainsaws and manual labor to remove all the overgrowth.


4. Wrinkles

I have a friend in my hometown who is very involved in social activities and the Community Center in her little community high atop Signal Mountain, TN. While visiting with her, she said she was going to the Community Center because a group of ladies were meeting there for a Quilting Bee. When she asked if I would like to go, I jumped at the chance…with camera in hand, of course. Not surprised, I met the most wonderful, charming group of ladies that day who shared alot of laughter, passed alot of wisdom around their quilt and who in addition shared fellowship over lunch. Noticing the wrinkled arthritic hands of some of the ladies made me think about how much love and care those hands had given to their friends and families over the years. It also reminded me of Quilting Bees I attended with my Mother and Grandmother as a little girl in the basement of our little country church. Thanks for the memories, ladies.