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Week 16 – #4. Biggest Fear

I have several fears which I think would fit this theme; however, since our rules are to post only one photo which best fits the theme, I would have to say my biggest fear is getting stung by a bee. As a little girl growing up in the country, I was always getting bee stings while playing in the yard or hiking in the mountains. My grandfather chewed tobacco and he always said tobacco juice would take away the sting. YUK! I did not like that idea but neither did I like the pain caused by the sting so I would always let him plaster the area with his tobacco juice. Don’t laugh. It really is an old home remedy so if you’re a smoker and get stung by a bee, just wet the end of your cigarette and squeeze the tobacco juice on the area. Don’t worry, I am not going to post a photo of a wad of chewing tobacco but rather a photo of a beautiful water lily. I was very careful not to get too close to the bees that were gathering pollen to take back to their nests. Thank goodness for zoom lenses!
Biggest Fear DSC_8578


Week 13 – #10. Dawn’s Light

I don’t normally get up early enough to see the “dawn’s light” but last Saturday morning, Mike yelled, “Get up and get your camera.” I have lived in my house on Signal Mountain since 1984 and never have I seen such a glorious sunrise. The sky was brilliant red when he awakened me but by the time I dressed, got out on the deck and set the camera, it had lessened somewhat.
10. Dawn's Light DSC_7785


Week 12 – #3. Before/After

When I first previewed the photos I took from a recent photo shoot, my first thought was to delete this one; however, after reviewing the 52-Week themes, I thought it might be a good one for “SOTC.” Thinking I could improve upon it, I then changed my mind because I liked how the long exposure created boat streaks and smooth water so I began playing around with it. I cloned away the bridge overhang, applied dodge and burn to the concrete walkway/curb/rocks and fishing pier, removed a few faint rain drops, removed a little noise, added a Topaz Equalize filter, cropped, and added a little sharpening. Below are the “before/after” photos.
f/14; 30 sec.; ISO 64; 35mm
Resized Before DSC_6940

Resized After DSC_6940


Week 11 – #17. Gate

I love exploring areas where I have never been and finding pieces of history. Early one August morning while in Chattanooga surrounded by thick fog, I was on Skull Island on the banks of the Tennessee River and discovered an old family cemetery surrounded by a broken down fence and a rusty, deteriorating gate. Barely visible on the gate was the name, Eva Norman. As I wandered around in the ankle-thick overgrowth, I found her headstone on which was etched her birth as 05/28/1854 and death as 10/31/1895. In researching the cemetery, I learned that it was relocated to Skull Island prior to TVA flooding its location in preparation for construction of the Chickamauga Dam. Many headstones contained birth/death dates in the 1800’s but many had not stood the test of time and the names and dates had disappeared long ago. I can only hope that one day a member of the Norman family will appear and give the cemetery back its dignity.


Week 10 – #13. Downtown In B&W

This week while downtown with a fellow photographer, we walked past Smokin Joe’s, a favorite local night spot. I have always liked the energy there so swung my camera up to my eye and captured this photo. While processing, I wondered what “downtown in B&W” would look like so I processed it using the black and white adjustment layer. The energy was portrayed just as strongly in black and white as it was in color, I thought.
Adj DSC_7291


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