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Week 37 – #27. Memories

Lula Lake holds special memories for me and my family.  When we were kids, Mother would prepare a picnic and after church the entire family would hike up a mountain trail for lunch and a swim in the ice cold water.  My husband has heard stories about our outings so while in Chattanooga this past October, he asked if I would take him to Lula Lake.  It had been years since I last visited but once we got there, the memories flooded my mind and it seemed like only yesterday.  My Dad would dive from the cliff and we, of course, would scream as he plunged into the water.  He used to tell us not to worry about him getting hurt because Lula Lake “has no bottom,” and we, of course, believed everything Daddy told us.  Oh, the innocence of children!  About a mile down stream from this pool is a 100′ waterfall, appropriately named Lula Falls.

27. Memories DSC_8331


Week 36 – #36. Out Of Focus

Slowing down the shutter and moving the camera while pressing the shutter release gives some interesting photos which can be used as textures or overlays. I have a folder of out of focus photos which I use just for that purpose. Give it a try. You can get some really interesting textures and overlays and they are quite easily captured. This photo, for example, was taken in my front yard in Chattanooga.
36. Out Of Focus DSC_8076


Week 35 – #47. The Eye

This past week, I went with three other photographers down to Cape Coral to photograph the burrowing owls. We had a blast photographing these adorable little owls. The one in this photo kept giving me “the eye.” It was difficult to select only one photo which best represented this week’s theme, but I chose this one for the composition and hint of spring that the wild flowers represented. Some history of the burrowing owls in Cape Coral: Cape Coral also has the distinction of having the largest population of the Florida species of the Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia floridana) in the State, with an estimated 1000 nesting pair.

At only 5-8.5 ounces and7.5-11 inches tall, the Burrowing Owl is one of the smallest of all the owls, and of the 171 species of owls worldwide, the only owl that lives underground. Unlike the Western species of the Burrowing Owl (athene cunicularia hypugaea) that lives in abandoned prairie dog burrows, here in Florida our Burrowing Owls dig their own burrows. Cape Coral has upwards of 2500 burrows within the City limits, but not all of them are actively being used by owls.

Photographers and birders alike come from all over the world to see our Burrowing Owls, and everyone is amazed at how easy it is to see and photograph these beautiful little birds. This doesn’t come without a price. Over the years, one of the main locations to see the Burrowing Owls is the Cape Coral Library. There were multiple burrows located on the streets surrounding the library, all of them very active. Today, only one burrow is still active and it is thought that there was just too much human activity for the owls, and they moved on. While the owls are quite tolerant of humans, getting too close to them too often will cause them to abandon a burrow and move on to a quieter location.

While some of the Western Burrowing Owls migrate, the Burrowing Owls here in Cape Coral do not migrate. They are here year round, but often hide in the summer to avoid the hot summer sun. The best time to see the owls is from January through June, and the best time to see the chicks is late April through June. REFhttp://www.ccfriendsofwildlife.org/burrowing-owl/


Week 34 – #49. Tiny World

While visiting New York, you will not have trouble finding many neighborhood bars/restaurants such as the “tiny world” of Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs, a three-story townhouse located at 135 W. Broadway in the heart of Tribeca. The building dates to 1810 and much of the original materials have been restored and overlayed with whimsical American finish detail. In addition, the space is decorated with pieces dating back as far as 100 years. The rooms are finished with brick, two-tone antique wallpaper, original tin ceilings, salvaged wood paneling, custom banquettes and hand-made tile. The cozy back dining room has a wood burning fireplace in the center and lights embedded in the original brick walls around the perimeter. My photo processing involved isolating the attached buildings and applying a faded desaturation, not because they were not attractive but because I wanted to draw your attention to the pale pink façade and size of Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs. As I was planning the composition, etc. I noticed this beautiful blonde headed my way so I waited for her to enter the frame before I took the photo.


Week 33 – #47. Shades Of Gray

As photographers, we are always looking for something interesting which will make a good photograph. That was the situation as I stepped on the escalator and looked upward at the lone figure ahead of me. The simplicity, leading lines and “shades of gray” caught my eye and I could not resist taking this photo.
47. Shades of Gray DSC_0210


Week 32 – #18. Hidden From View

Until recently, this sign was “hidden from view” because for decades another building was attached to the wall of the Boulevard Pharmacy in Chattanooga, TN on which was painted this sign advertising several products sold at the soda fountain. The Boulevard Pharmacy closed its doors years ago but I found it interesting to note how little food and beverages cost. If you enlarge this photo, you will note that a donut and coffee cost a mere 12 cents; and the most expensive thing on the menu, a ham and egg sandwich, would set you back a whopping 35 cents! Just for fun, enlarge the photo and see how much it would cost to take a date to lunch at the Boulevard Pharmacy. A bit less expensive than today, eh guys?

Double-Cola was founded in Chattanooga in 1922; and I believe Sealtest Ice Cream products have been discontinued.

The signs will not be seeing the light of day for long because a new three-story building will soon begin at the site. It will include retail, office and restaurant space.
Hidden From View DSC_9472


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