Week 38 – #3. Backlit

When we relocated to Sarasota in 2001, one of the first things I did was purchase a small staghorn fern and secured it to the crotch of my shady live oak tree at the corner of the driveway. Despite the fact that I pay no attention to it other than toss it a banana peel on occasion, it has thrived and is now a very large, beautiful fern, thanks to the humidity we have here in Florida and the afternoon showers. As I pulled into the driveway early one morning, following a trip to Starbucks ;-), I noticed how its fronds were backlit by the bright morning sun.
3. Backlit

Week 37 – #31. Panning

For those not familiar with the term “panning,” it is a photography technique performed through capturing an object in motion while moving the camera in parallel to the object. By moving the camera together with the object, the object remains sharp and the background becomes blurred.

This is not my favorite technique and although I had two willing participants, a/k/a Mike and Molly, it turned out to be somewhat of a comedy show early this morning in my neighborhood. Mike agreed to drive the car up and down our street and Molly eagerly agreed to ride in the back seat while I practiced panning. Along comes the garbage collectors … drive up the street again, Mike. Out comes the neighbor with a cup of coffee … drive up the street again, Mike. Along comes the recycle collectors … drive up the street again, Mike. Molly is not looking out the window … drive up the street again, Mike. My shutter speed is not slow enough … drive up the street again, Mike. I need to go inside to make sure the bacon is not burning … drive up the street again, Mike. Molly was more than happy for me to continue practicing, but Mike gets grouchy when he is hungry.

Week 36 – #37. Rows And Rows Of …

A few weeks ago, I visited the Historical Village of Manatee County. When I went into this little church, I was reminded of the church I attended as a child and in which I got married. The rows and rows of church pews look almost identical to the ones in my church.
37. Rows And Rows Of ...

Week 35 – #40. Simplicity

I chose to photograph this scene because of its simplicity. Aside from our photography group, the only person enjoying the sunset on Indian Rocks Beach was this windsurfer.

Week 34 – #20. Interpretation Of Art

I am not an artist, so my interpretation of art is much different from someone who spent years studying and who has earned the title of artist. I do, however, know a nice piece of art when I see it. This week I am asking for your opinion. Do you think it is (a) worthy of being classified as art or (b) should I toss it?
Butterflies And Or Bees

Week 33 – #8. Differences

When I went on a photo adventure last week with two fellow photographers, I had no particular theme in mind to photograph. Lady luck was with us because as we were on the fishing pier photographing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Vision of the Seas, loaded with happy vacationers, was making her voyage out to the Gulf. I took this photo just as she passed underneath the bridge, much to my excitement. It wasn’t until I returned home and began looking at my photos that I discovered I had captured a photo to satisfy this week’s theme. There are differences in platforms used to facilitate travel. Roadways and bridges are fixed as compared to mobile platforms such as ships.

Week 32 – #52. Winter Landscapes

As coyotes are spotted running on frozen Boston Harbor and snowy conditions over the northern and southern states have caused record lows, these Lakewood Ranch photographers (Susan Piper, Patricia Reed, Mary Nell Moore and Jo Chaney) were spotted on the beach at Sharkey’s. Enduring the “wintery” 56-degree weather and donned with scarves, gloves, coats, boots and hats, they were determined to photograph the last of the winter landscapes before Spring arrives. Girls2 DSC_1138


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