Week 43 – #30. One Step At A Time

While visiting Yellowstone National Park recently, I was fascinated not only with the beauty but with the animals roaming freely. I even learned the difference between a bison and a buffalo (thanks, Stacy)! We were very close to this elk and it kept its eye on us as it crossed the stream one step at a time.

Week 42 – #50. Urban Scenery

For this week’s theme, I want to introduce you to urban scenery and give you a bit of history about an historic hotel, the Crutchfield House, built in 1847 in downtown Chattanooga. Jefferson Davis stayed there after resigning from the U. S. Senate. During the Civil War, it was used as a hospital only to burn down in 1867. A doctor, John T. Read, and his son built a grand hotel on the old site and named it the Read House, the name by which it is known today. In 1927, it was replaced with the present 10-story building. Famous guests like Winston Churchill, Al Capone, Tallulah Bankhead, Gary Cooper and many others have been guests there but none so famous as the guest in Room 311. Annalisa Netherly checked into Room 311 in the late 1920’s. Not much is known about how or why she checked into the Read House but legend has it that her husband brought her and found her romantically entertaining another man. He slit her throat almost decapitating her in the bathtub. (NOTE FROM MN: Some men are not very forgiving.) Annalisa Netherly is still seen on occasion in Room 311 and for that reason Room 311 is never rented unless specifically requested. In 1977, the Read House was included in the National Register of Historic Places as a prime example of period architecture and decorative art. If you find yourself in Chattanooga, enjoy an overnight stay at the Read House … perhaps requesting Room 311.
Week 42 Urban Scenery

Week 41 – #41. Single Color On Black and White

While in Idaho this week, I noticed a beautiful clump of yellow flowers and thought one bloom would be pretty as a single color on black and white. I added an oil paint and lighting filter and was pleased with the end result.
41. Single Color on B&W

Week 40 – #34. Patterns

Shopping is not something I enjoy doing; however, our new UTC Mall has made shopping more pleasant for me because of its interior design. As one walks around, they cannot help but notice the various patterns provided by the architecture.
Week 40 Patterns

Week 39 – #9. Drops of Water

Definition of Fog: (noun) many small drops of water floating in the air above the ground, the sea, etc.

I feel fortunate to be able to call both Florida and Tennessee home. When I depart Florida for my Tennessee home, I can’t help but feel somewhat sad to leave the beautiful beaches and weather behind. When I reach my home in Tennessee, however, I am always happy when I look out my window and see the beautiful mountains and river, no matter what the weather is like. On this particular day, I stood on the deck and watched the boats as they made their way up and down the river as the heavy fog dissipated and it made me realize how much beauty is in the world.
Week 39 Drops of Water

Week 38 – #3. Backlit

When we relocated to Sarasota in 2001, one of the first things I did was purchase a small staghorn fern and secured it to the crotch of my shady live oak tree at the corner of the driveway. Despite the fact that I pay no attention to it other than toss it a banana peel on occasion, it has thrived and is now a very large, beautiful fern, thanks to the humidity we have here in Florida and the afternoon showers. As I pulled into the driveway early one morning, following a trip to Starbucks ;-), I noticed how its fronds were backlit by the bright morning sun.
3. Backlit

Week 37 – #31. Panning

For those not familiar with the term “panning,” it is a photography technique performed through capturing an object in motion while moving the camera in parallel to the object. By moving the camera together with the object, the object remains sharp and the background becomes blurred.

This is not my favorite technique and although I had two willing participants, a/k/a Mike and Molly, it turned out to be somewhat of a comedy show early this morning in my neighborhood. Mike agreed to drive the car up and down our street and Molly eagerly agreed to ride in the back seat while I practiced panning. Along comes the garbage collectors … drive up the street again, Mike. Out comes the neighbor with a cup of coffee … drive up the street again, Mike. Along comes the recycle collectors … drive up the street again, Mike. Molly is not looking out the window … drive up the street again, Mike. My shutter speed is not slow enough … drive up the street again, Mike. I need to go inside to make sure the bacon is not burning … drive up the street again, Mike. Molly was more than happy for me to continue practicing, but Mike gets grouchy when he is hungry.


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