A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 40 – 48. What A Character

48 What A Character_MNH7468“Hey little boy … you with the big ears,” “Little boy, you walk like a girl,” “Hey lady, where did you steal that camera?” were only a few of the insults BoBo yelled at those who entered his space at the Sarasota Fair.  Yikes, “What a character” he was.  The insults never stopped the entire time I stood by his cage.



Week # 38 – #17. Misplaced/Lost/Missing Piece

My friend, Patricia, and I spent an enjoyable evening at the Sarasota Fair recently and when I looked up at the flashing sign for the Rock & Roll ride, I saw only the front portion of a pink Cadillac.  Obviously, there was a section “Misplaced/Lost” as the “Missing Piece” a/k/a the rear end, was nowhere to be seen.17. Misplaced.Lost.jpg




Week 37 – #A6. Stripes

When my husband is watching sports on television, I have the perfect opportunity to sneak away and try new photography techniques. I decided to try my hand at light painting, grabbed the crystal ball, flashlight and gels and headed to a dark spot in the spare bedroom. Here is my attempt at creating something with red, white and blue “stripes.”a6-stripes-_mnh7092




Week 36 – #37. Stop Action

37-stop-action-dsc_7025I have recently become interested in mastering bird photography and have found it to be quite challenging.  To “stop action” and prevent an unsatisfactory, blurry image, I used a fast shutter speed (1/1600 sec) to capture this photo of a pelican flying over the azure water of Sarasota Bay. I elected to isolate the pelican and add a little punch to the water by applying a painting filter in Photoshop.



Week 35 – #9. Closely Cropped

This little bird was perched on a railing at Perico Preserve and kept a keen eye on me as I approached.  Although I used my Nikon 200-500mm lens, I still could not get close enough for a tight shot; therefore, I “closely cropped” the photo to get a closer look. I have just become interested in bird photography, bought a book on Florida birds and “believe” she is a female Indigo Bunting.  To my birder friends, I ask, “Am I correct?” She sure was tiny … and cute.9-closely-cropped-dsc_6867




Week 28 – #27. Quaint and Quirky

I have unsuccessfully searched for months for a photo that would satisfy this theme and thought I might be a failure.  Never give up!  On a recent trip to New York, I stood in the bedroom observing a “quaint and quirky” condominium high rise just a few blocks away at 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca. With 145 units and 60 stories tall, its top 9 floors are penthouses. If you’d like a fabulous view, this might be for you but as for me I would feel most uncomfortable living in one of the penthouses, which to me resemble building blocks erected by a 3-year-old.