A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 3 – #28. Repeating Patterns

While the exterior design of the Oculus is amazing, inside you will find yourself standing in the midst of this unusual building looking at the “repeating patterns” of the interior.  The Freedom Tower can be seen through the opening in the ceiling.

Week 3 - #28 Repeating Patterns DSC_3752



Week 1 -#49. Where The ____ Meets The Sky

The Oculus, known as the new World Trade Center transportation hub, is located in lower Manhattan on the site of the World Trade Center and is indeed a strangely designed glass and steel structure.  It officially opened to the public in March, 2016. At a cost of 4 Billion Dollars, when completed it will serve daily commuters and visitors from around the world. During the next few weeks, I will post a few more photos representing different views of the Oculus which I think satisfy other 52-Week themes, but today I am sharing this photo which I took from the back side.  As I walked on the street behind the Oculus, I turned around and gazed in amazement when I saw “where the Freedom beacon meets the sky.”

Oculus DSC_3771


Week 19 – #27. Lost/Forgotten Items

I have struggled with what to post to represent the “Lost/Forgotten Items” theme until I visited one of my favorite places in Battery Park City in New York.  Instead of admiring the New Jersey landscape across the Hudson River, or the Statute of Liberty in the far distance, on this day I turned around and admired the Irish Hunger Memorial designed by Brian Tolle which is dedicated to raising awareness of the Great Irish Famine, referred to by the Irish as “The Great Hunger.”  Construction of the memorial is entirely of products and items brought over from Ireland, including the remains of a stone cottage.  (More information can be found here.)  Over a million people died in Ireland between 1845 and 1852.    As I studied it, I saw the Freedom Tower looming upward a total of 1,776 feet which is being constructed on the site where on September 11, 2001, a total of 2,606 lives were lost in the World Trade Center and surrounding grounds.  These two sites brought to mind that although a great number of lives have been lost, they are not forgotten.