A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 13 – #30. Other Photographers

I followed this photographer around various spots alongside the water and decided this photo would make a good one for the “Other Photographers” theme. They were posing by both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, in the Park, by the carousel and many other spots. They were a cute, loving couple on their special day so I hope he got some great photos.
Other Photographers DSC_4044



Week 11 – #44 That’s Dangerous

Rehabilitation of one of New York’s greatest landmarks is now underway. The Brooklyn Bridge, completed in 1883, is undergoing a four-year, $500 million safety and aesthetic improvement program. I can’t imagine having a job repairing/repainting the structure as shown in this photo I took while walking across from Manhattan to Brooklyn a few weeks ago. Safety harnesses or no safety harnesses, I would not want the job.
That's Dangerous DSC_4029
That's Dangerous DSC_4028


Week 10 – #52 What’s Cooking?

Last week, Mike and I had a late lunch at Cucina & Co. in the MetLife Building at Grand Central Terminal in NY and I could not help but grab a quick photo of this cook. As you can see, it was somewhat cramped in the kitchen area but work never slowed down. Food was going out as fast as it was coming out of the ovens and off the rotisserie.
What's Cooking edit DSC_4313


Week 9 – #28 Love is . . .

tossing away the key to your heart.

This week as my husband and I were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River in New York, we noticed hundreds of gym locker-sized locks hanging from the railings and lamp posts off the pedestrian path. Curiosity got the best of us so upon inquiring, we learned that the idea behind the locks is couples lock their hearts away and pledge everlasting love by placing their locks there and tossing the keys into the river below. The symbolic gesture started in Rome about five years ago as locals started copying the lustful characters in Italian author Federico Moccia’s popular novel “Ho Voglia di Te”, or “I Want You” in Italian.
Love Is DSC_3820

Love Is DSC_3815