A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 27 – #15. Line From A Song

As I walked out on Pier 15 in lower Manhattan, I spotted the sailing vessel, Wavertree, and anybody who has ever listened to Jimmy Buffet will understand why I began singing a “line from a song” entitled, “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor.”  (Click here and I’ll bet you will begin singing too.)   Ship Information: It was launched in 1885 in Southhampton.  It is 325 feet (99 m) long including spars and 263 feet (80 m) on deck. The ship is the largest remaining wrought iron vessel. Initially it was used for transporting jute from east India to Scotland,  and then was involved in the tramp trade. In 1947 it was converted into a sand barge, and in 1968 it was acquired by the South Street Seaport Museum. In 1978 the ship was entered in the National Register of Historic Places.





Week 19 – #19. Musically Inclined

Curiosity got the best of me while touring the Danforthe Chapel on the Frank Lloyd Wright campus of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL a few weeks ago.  Many people have heard the organ and have seen the pipes from the first floor but my guess would be that few have seen them from the balcony so I ventured upward towards the balcony to get a peek.  I am not “musically inclined” but as I stood there sizing up the pipes and looking at the organ, I felt a bit sad that I never learned to play a music instrument.

Pipes DSC_5056.jpg