A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 44 – #5. Artistic

I have never considered myself an “artistic” person so I have struggled trying to come up with something suitable to post for this week’s theme.  I went to a lily pond recently with some friends and when I looked at my photos on the computer, something struck me about this photo. Wondering if I could use some of the many filters stored on my computer, I began experimenting and the end result is this photo.  I hope you like my artistic effort.

Gulf Gate_MNH9261.jpg




Week 43 – #20. Negative Space

Lately I have become interested in using different lenses and techniques with flower photography.  This type photography is referred to as “shooting through.”  I honestly did not take this photo with “negative space” in mind; however, when I loaded it to my computer, I definitely saw that it would fit this week’s theme. I loved the softness.

20 Negative Space



Week 41 – 17. Macro/Close-Up

_MNH7271When I saw this tiny flower, I pulled out my “macro/close-up” Tokina 100mm, 2.8 lens and focused with the hope of getting the stamens in focus.  After trying several times, I managed to capture this photo.  I have no idea what the name is of the flower so if anyone knows, please let me know.



Week 40 – 48. What A Character

48 What A Character_MNH7468“Hey little boy … you with the big ears,” “Little boy, you walk like a girl,” “Hey lady, where did you steal that camera?” were only a few of the insults BoBo yelled at those who entered his space at the Sarasota Fair.  Yikes, “What a character” he was.  The insults never stopped the entire time I stood by his cage.