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I’m Getting Excited …

While in the car Monday, I saw five or six things I could photograph which fit some of the themes in our 52-Week Photo Challenge. No, I didn’t cheat and photograph them but when August lst arrives, you can be assured I will retrace my steps with my camera. I am excited and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of August lst!  If you would like to see what photos I post, be sure to click on “Follow Blog Via Email” located in the lower right-hand corner of my website.


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August 1st

The date is fast approaching when I will begin adding photographs and comments to my 52-Week Challenge.  Mark your calendars for the date, August 1, and check back during that week to see my first photograph.  I can select any one of the themes on my list to begin my photographic journey and not necessarily in order.  Which one will it be?  Check back during the week of August 1 and see.

Would you like to join me?  Just sign up for your free WordPress website and get everything ready for you to start posting your photos during that week.  Just get your website ready and take your first photo no sooner than August 1 in accordance with the 52-week theme you have selected.  Then post it to your website, along with the theme number and name as your post title, and write a comment telling why you thought the photo represented the theme.  It’s just that simple.   Go to:  http://www.wordpress.com and select any website theme you like.  (I have used Digg 3 Column).

I’ll see you the week of August 1.