A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 41 – #12. Diamonds

While on a recent photo outing, I walked out on the Anna Maria pier and noticed this little boy playing with his daddy’s fish net basket. He picked it up and dropped it several times and watched in amazement as it slithered down onto the table. “There’s a theme,” I thought, so I swung my camera around and captured it as it fell to the table creating designs of little wire diamonds.



Week 29 – #19. I Want One

Aren’t little girls wonderful?  Just prior to Christmas, I was in the American Girl store in New York and watched the little girls buzz from one display to another with the “I Want One” look on their sweet little faces.  Although this photo isn’t a good one because of the reflections, I think it satisfies this week’s theme.  I hope Santa brought an American Girl doll or outfit to every little girl in the storeI Want One DSC_7266.