A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 1 – #8. Common Cliche’ Phrase

My husband and I have a real estate client/friend who is a professional dancer. We were so happy today when she invited us to attend the Florida State Dance Sport Championships downtown at the Ritz Carlton. This was my first time attending such an event, but it will not be my last. I had no idea about the time, effort and cost of competing in these dance competitions. Dress vendors lined the hallways with gorgeous, sequined dresses priced in the thousands of dollars, massage tables for the dancers lined the hallways, makeup stations and hairdressers were plentiful. I learned how expensive it is to take dance lessons which would give one enough experience to compete. I was told some dancers take lessons three or four times a week in order to get enough experience but it all pays off when the judge announces your name as a first place winner. It all goes back to the “common cliche’ phrase,” “Practice Makes Perfect.”
8. Practice Makes Perfect 5520



Week 6 – #22. Group Portraits

Mostly, my photography interests lie in landscapes, street photography and macro. I have never given much thought to taking group portraits and was troubled as to what I could photograph to satisfy that theme. However, as noted in my previous post, I attended the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School’s performance recently and, although I was not certain it was permissible, I took my camera and managed to snap a few decent shots from my seat high in the balcony. After cropping, and with a little help from Photoshop, I am not too unhappy with this photo.  Click the photo for an enlarged view.
16. Group Portraits


Week 5 – #2. Below The Knees

This week I chose to post a photograph I took at the Sarasota Opera House during the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School’s “On Stage” performance. What transpires below the knees is but one part of a fully integrated and graceful ballet movement. The level of talent and artistry of the students who participated in the school’s recently concluded summer intensive workshop was beyond extraordinary. For the first time in 60 years, students from the Cuban National Ballet School were allowed to dance in the United States. This is the first of what is hoped will be an annual exchange between the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School and the Cuban National Ballet School and a more harmonious relationship with Cuba.