A 52-Week Photo Journey

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Week 8 – #25. Golden Mean

Although I gave a lot of thought about what to post for the Golden Mean theme, I must say that I never came up with an idea…until last week. As I was walking around San Marco in Lakewood Ranch, I noticed the many large light fixtures and, bingo, there was my Golden Mean theme. I have said it many times, the one thing that the 52-Week Challenge has done is make me aware of my surroundings.
Golden Mean



44. Red, White and Blue

I have been trying to find something to photograph for red, white and blue other than the American flag so the other day as I was driving North towards Bradenton on US 41, I saw a Pepsi truck headed South. What did I do? You betcha! I made an illegal turn and followed it until the driver pulled into a convenience store.
Red White and BlueDSC_8262

1. Multiple Layers


Have you ever just wanted to photograph a rock? For a long time, I have had a particular rock in mind to photograph so during our last visit to Chattanooga, I made a trip up Lookout Mountain in search of the Umbrella Rock. You might ask why would I want to photograph this particular rock and the answer is because about 1890 my Grandfather, George David McCallie, was photographed sitting on the rock when he was 18 years old. It was a famous rock and many people loved sitting on top of it to have their pictures made. The rock is still in place but has a fence around it now and access to it is not allowed. Below you will see the rock as it is today (I put my lens through the chainlink fence) and underneath is a copy of my Grandfather sitting at the base of the rock. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s a popular thing was for entire families to climb on top via a ladder and have their pictures taken with their feet dangling off the sides.
1.  Multiple Layers


37. Seeing Clearly

While browsing yesterday in an abandoned industrial site, I was reminded of a Billboard Hot 100 Chart #1 hit song written and recorded by Johnny Nash in 1972 entitled, “I Can See Clearly Now.” The first line of that song was, “I can see clearly now, the pane is gone.” Errrrr … or was it “the rain is gone?” I like my version best! 🙂