A 52-Week Photo Journey

… Mary Nell Moore's Photography


Week 30 – #22. I Love You

Nothing says “I Love You” more than seeing a Mother with her offspring._MNM6520



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Week 29 – #8. Broken

I was not too excited to see this poor bird with what appeared to be a “broken” wing.  Although injured, it seemed to be getting around pretty well searching for a snack.  Doesn’t it make you wonder how it was injured?Broken_MNM6542.jpg



Week 27 – #51. Worst _______ Ever

Imagine driving down the road and seeing this!  I had the opportunity to talk with the driver and discovered it is the home on wheels for two artists from Memphis and their two dogs as they travel from city to city to display their art.  The driver threw back his shoulders and proudly exclaimed that he designed it himself for his lady.  While deciding what to do with this photo … surely it fits a theme … I decided that it wouldn’t hurt a bit to throw some texture and additional paint at it and label it the “Worst Motorhome Ever.”

Worst ______ Ever